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this is the supernatural newsletter, yo

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Supernatural Newsletter
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This is a daily newsletter for Supernatural.

The newsletter includes:
* news (interviews, episode information, upcoming events)
* new communities
* challenges and ficathons
* fanfic
* recs
* icons
* fanart (incl. wallpapers, banners, and manips)
* pictures and screencaps
* songvids
* multimedia (incl. podcasts and other audio fic posts, other vids, and fanmixes)
* meta


1. IF YOU WANT TO BE INCLUDED IN THE NEWSLETTER READ THE FAQ before commenting to the newsletter to familiarize yourself with how we run things here, when to comment and how to easily be included.

2. If you have general comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment to the suggestion post [ here ]. Comments are screened. Any general comments to a newsletter edition will be deleted.

3. Please do NOT leave comments regarding the newsletter on an editor or a mod's personal LJ.

Please note that the final decision about including any submission is made by the editors and/or mods.


1. We make every attempt to note spoilers for fic, pics, and icons when we see them, but sometimes we don't see them. Please understand that it is up to each reader to be aware of that when clicking on links to unfamiliar journals. Once an episode has aired in the U.S., the title and characters may be mentioned in the newsletter.

2. If you have ANY spoilers outside of a cut-tag for an episode that has not yet aired in the United States -- text or pictures -- and we see your post while compiling the newsletter, you will lose the privilege of being linked in the newsletter indefinitely. No warnings, no exceptions.

3. If you leave a direct link in a comment for the newsletter to a post that contains spoilers, even behind a cut-tag, and you do not warn for the spoilers (since clicking on the link will bypass the cut-tag), you will lose the privilege of being linked in the newsletter indefinitely. No warnings, no exceptions.

Your mods are estrella30, benitle, and enablelove.

Community idea shamelessly stolen from sga_newsletter

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