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Header Challenge at super_stillness
Challenge #289 at super_stillness

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Visions of a Flame 3/10 by kiraynn (NC-17)
Pretend Play 2/? by undine_vampira (NC-17)
Pocketful of Miracles 1/? by hevyyd (NC-17)
Idiot by ash_carpenter (NC-17)
Ask Nicely by verucasalt123 (NC-17)
Someday, it’ll be more than a Memory, less than a Prayer by nostravario (NC-17)

Fanfic: Other Slash
Like To Stay In Heaven But The Rules Are Too Tough 24/24 by pelagia911 (Dean/Castiel, PG-13)
To Find Myself a Resting Place by ivydevoss (Dean/Castiel, G)
A Minor Sun 6/6 by jozette (Dean/Castiel, NC-17)
Blood Water 6/? by wordsoffiction (Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, NC-17)

Fanfic: Gen
Cherry Pie by dawnangel14 (PG)
My Mission Is… by wildblueyonder6 (PG)

Fanfic: RPF
World Goes 'Round By Misunderstanding by queerly_it_is (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)
Along Came A Spider 1-3/? by deans_fetish (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)
Gives Me Hope: I Think I've Found My Way Home 2/7 by bugmcsnug (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)
Unto thy soul with hoops of steel by queerly_it_is (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)
Porny Goodness -- Alternative Ending by kourtneylinn (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)
Man Across The Hall 3/? by 2people2 (Jared/Jensen, Jensen/OMC, PG-13)
Curled Up by notyourpanel and si_star_x (Jared/Jensen, Misha/Sebastian, PG-13)
Waiting in the Wings 7/? by julieshadow (Jensen/Jared, Tom/Mike, Chris/Steve, Chad/Sophia, NC-17)

Saturday - Blast From The Past at crack_impala
sam/dean porn at crack_impala

15 SPN icons by wickedgrdn

Avengers Assemble by deannawesson (PG)
Hug Time by marciaelena (PG)

Dean gun picspam by deans_angel23

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