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Article in Sydney's Sun Herald Television posted by sierra_foxx
Samantha Ferris blog update posted by hearditbothways [SPOILERS]
News roundup by jenni_fromtexas
UK ratings for Sin City posted by freedom_fly
Spoiler-free news roundup at spnfencentral

New Communities

Supernatural's Missing Music 2.0 - Artwork Contest at driving_music
Challenge #15 voting reminder at dean_stillness
Challenge #115 reminder at jared_stillness
Challenge #103 winners at super_icontest
Challenge #104 voting at super_icontest
A Study in 275 Words at spn_het_love
Asylum con ficathon at asylum_spnfics
Challenge reminder at spn_het_love
Challenge #105 at super_icontest

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Groundhog Day by astolat (adult)
even in death i gave you life by koulagirl666 (also Dean/Ellen, Dean/Jo; NC-17)
The Greatest of These by black_regalia (NC-17)
Wait for Me by sheafleur (NC-17)
What I Really Need is What Makes me Bleed 1/5 by vivaesprit (NC-17)
Truths Discovered 8/9 by huntress69 (NC-17)
Cresting Wave by kokoda2007 (R)
Up in our bedroom, after the war by lightly (PG-13)
Where He Goes So Goeth I by vamptastica (NC-17)
This is Our Country by poisontaster (adult)
Don't Fence Me In by withdiamonds (mature)
What You Reap Is What You Sow by nu_breed (R)
Bibliophile by oh_mcgee (adult)
See More, Hear More, Feel More by britomart_is (also Dean/Dean's hand, NC-17)
Do Dandelions Roar 11/? by kuwamiko (NC-17)
Losing Keys by matchstickmen (PG)
Work of Art by creedcascade and majorbrat (adult)
Untitled by flickity063 (NC-17)
Plan for Nothing But Sunlight by laurificus (PG)
The Sin of lying by slsh_lvr08 (R)

Fanfic: Gen
Elizabeth by ficwriter1966 (PG)
A Girl Like That by ficwriter1966 (PG)
Possessed Much? by aelfsiden (girl!Sam, PG-13)
Finding Home 1a/? and 1b/? by night_spear1287 (PG-13)
Brothers by grrli (PG)
It Always Makes a Sound by i_speak_tongue (R)
Five in the After by montisello (R)
Someone Has To by jdsgirlbev (PG)
Ten Ways Dean Might Have Died by katriel1987 (PG)
The Origin of the Species by alphabet26 (PG)
Days Without Feathers by pyrebi (PG-13)
Go Down Swinging 2/3 by miss_aprosexia (PG-13)
Ten Conversations Between the Brothers Winchester by paigesfromabook (PG-13)
These Things Return to Me (that Still Seem Real) by apreludetoanend (PG)
Save You by jaded_reality (PG-13)
Cloudy, With a Chance of Rain by amethyste5 (G)
Still Pretending by muses_circle (PG)
The Path That No One Goes 10/12 by fluffykitty2001 (PG-13)
Supernatural Virtual Season Three: Ashes to Ashes by snvs (R)
weave me into the sun by tigriswolf (PG)
Solitary by desertport (PG)
When It's Hell at Your Door by willoweese (PG)
Fluffy Pink Clouds by essenceofmeanin (R)

Fanfic: Het
Mary's secret 1/? by kamadi (John/Mary, PG-13)
Sunshine (On My Shoulders) by ficwriter1966 (Sam/Jess, G)

Fanfic: Other
With a Bang 8/? by minkmix (Dark Angel crossover, gen, PG)
The Devils You Know by thehighwaywoman (Anita Blake crossover, PG)
Silent Hunter 2/? by bjjones (CSI: Miami crossover; Sam/Dean, Horatio/Speed; NC-17)
Chains Around Your Neck by buffyspazz (Dean/Lisa, Lisa/OFC, Lisa/OMC; NC-17)
Regrets by iluvroadrunner6 (Heroes crossover, Dean/Elle, PG-13)
Both the hunters and the hunted by x_strangeangels (Firefly crossover, gen, PG-13)
An Unholy Union 9/? by virtualpersonal and dean_the_hunter (Buffy crossover, Dean/Spike, NC-17)

Fanfic: RPF
Apicoectomy by thelonejuliet (Jared/Jensen, R)
Wanted: Dead or Alive 1/5 by deviant_dev (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)
Dark Intentions 6/? and 7/? by rah_ram (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)
Play Hurt 1/? and 2/? by grey_velvet (Jared/Jensen, PG)
Project Runaway by emerald_angel9 (Jared/Jensen, Jensen/Danneel; NC-17)
He's all that 9/? by miss_somersault (Jared/Jensen, Jared/others, Jensen/others; NC-17)
A promise is a promise by benitle (Jared/Jensen, R)
You Can't Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want) by eviltish (Jared/Jensen, Jared/Sandy, Sandy/Danneel; NC-17)
It Was The Pink That Caught My Eye 5/8 and 6/8 by sunset_dark (Jared/Jensen, Jared/Chad, Jared/OFC, Jensen/OFC; PG-13)
Ambush by smeared_kohl (Jared/Jensen, Jensen/Tom, Jensen/Chad, Jensen/Chris, Jensen/Mike; NC-17)
Learning to Love Again 2/? by sammyndeansgrl1 (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)
Home Again [You can't go back] by snow_blossoms (Jared/Jensen, Jared/Sandy; NC-17)
Sleeping With the Enemy prologue/? by lynns118 (Jared/Jensen, Jared/OMC; R)
The Perils of Jensen by caduceus03 (Jared/Jensen, PG)

RPF fic recs at crack_impala
Sam/Dean and gen fic recs by mystic_spn_recs
Gen and het fic recs at winabler
Sam/Dean fic recs at crack_impala
SPN AU fic recs by vinylroad at spnroundtable
Weekly pimp post at spnfencentral

24 Dean/Jo icons by folie_lex
27 Hell House icons by crystalchain
9 SPN icons by annalouwho
6 In My Time Of Dying icons by mouthfullofdust
25 Jared, 1 J2, 13 Mystery Spot, 3 Dream A Little Dream Of Me icons by mumbly_mumpy
6 Jensen icons and 2 headers by kynikey
21 Jared icons and 6 headers and 5 graphics by apieceofcake
25 Metallicar icons by the_mischief
14 SPN icons by ellie_fo_20
4 Jared, 32 Jensen, 12 SPN icons and 2 graphics by sanaazzy
9 Jared icons and 1 wallpaper by sunnychrisla
29 Jus In Bello icons by leggyslove

Sam in Hollywood Babylon picspam by strippedpink
Jensen picspam by funsized
Jared photos posted by moonilicious
Hires Dream A Little Dream Of Me screencaps by bluebear_74
Scans of Supernatural Magazine #2 by marta_kent
Dean in Phantom Traveler picspam by moondropz
Jus In Bello picspam by betgirl

Mystery Spot wallpapers by galathea_snb
DANASHULPS by gnatkip
Buffy crossover manip and Dean/Buffy icons by dana_chosenart
Always by your side by dana_duchovny (Jared/Jensen)
Heroes crossover manip, wallpaper, and icons by dhfreak
Jus In Bello graphics by raloria
Dean/Chloe wallpapers and icons by gen717
Past Midnight I Still See the Land by tripoli

Vids by meg_tdj

like fire from a busted gun by sazzlette (Sam/girl!Dean)

Jus In Bello recap and meta by llywela13
Workshop: How to Write Natural Dialogue and Brotherly Banter and Make It Sound American by clex_monkie89 at spnroundtable
Breakdown of Character Fates and Gender for S3 by black_samvara
Question about Dean's deal and new enemies by erinrua

Mod post at spn_thur_nights
Supernatural tally for Bloody Mary by kriptkeeper
Info and reminder post for sn_uk
Mod post at sammessiah
Info post for winchestercon
Hiatus poll by caffienekitty
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