July 18th, 2021

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Garret Dillahunt is not in The Boys S3 but is Jeffrey Dean Morgan?
Richard Speight directs
How The Boys Channelled Supernatural For Jensen Ackles’ First Day On Set
IMDb asks SPNFamily: Why is Supernatural the best show?
We may not be hunting demons, but there’s almost always something… #Supernatural at Dragon Con. Like maybe Mary Winchester?

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Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Hold Me While We Fall (Sam/Dean, NC17) by kelios
My Property (Sam/Dean, NC17) by wrenseroticlibrary_archivist
You Should Probably Leave (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lotrspnfangirl
Wake Up (Sam/Dean, NC17) by Anonymous
A Stained Glass Variation Of The Truth (Sam/Dean, R) by diaryofageekgirl
Hold on (Sam/Dean, G) by LinusOcean
Love's A Loaded Gun (Sam/Dean, NC17) by Moonflower_Rose
The Dean Special (Sam/Dean, NC17) by deaddovedd

Fanfic: Gen
La Belle Français (Dean, Sam, G) by dizzojay
Bon Appétit (Sam, Dean, PG13) by theymp
Winter Grasshoppers (Dean, Sam, Alastair, R) by Edge_of_Clairvoyance
Brother's Keeper (Dean, Sam, Bobby, Castiel, G) by Jadeys_World
Ab-î Hayat (Fountain of Youth) (Sam, Dean, Bobby, R) by melitta4ever
look at me (i exist i exist i exist) (Sam, Dean, Castiel, G) by angelfishofthelord
The Whole Universe (Emma (slice Girls), Dean, Sam, Bobby, G) by thiscowboyisbisexual (NeedsCaffeineRightNow)

Fanfic: Dean/Castiel
The Way the Heart Aches (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by DragonPrism
Gratitude (Dean/Castiel, G) by corneroffandom
your claim on me keeps me breathing (Dean/Castiel, G) by Ender_of_Pathel
You’ve Got Your Finger On The Trigger… (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by wayward_sherlock
Penance (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by AmberXBoone
Platonic, Or Is It? (Dean/Castiel PG13) by Wolfcry22

Fanfic: RPF
The Aftermath! (J2, NC17) by Lady_Red8
Take Me Home (J2, R) by Pineprin137
Always Kiss Me Goodnight (J2, PG13) by Cozy_coffee
Finding My Way Back To You (J2, R) by SaySomethingWitty91
Jensen Untethered (J2, NC17) by JanessaRose
Memento (J2, NC17) by Alltheshrinks
All Alpha! (J2, NC17) by Lady_Red8
Missing You Darling (J2, G) by Sammydeangurl80

Fanfic: Het
Le diner (Crowley/Jody, NC17) by CourtneyAckles

Fanfic: Big Bangs
Less Than Dirt (Sam, Dean, John, R) by ulexite, art by kanicro

Fan Edits
Spn x JJK by deanlocked

Jared as Winter Soldier by Petite Madame
jared as Winter Soldier, Jensen as Cap by Petite Madame
Dean's Weaknesses by Maru
Dinsam by Ca
painting of Jensen as Soldier Boy by JackleJade
Dean drawing by artist_nataly
Anna Milton by philchoart
Gordon Walker by philchoart
Jody Mills by philchoart
You think you're really pretty -I think I'm adorable. by z.art4
Alright so, a demon and an angel walk into a bar— by caduceuzs
squirrelandmoose by binding_lens
Dean & Castiel by wayward.art7
three wonderful characters by bennixalice.art
‘Little Fallen Angel on your Shoulder’ by bennixalice.art
After we kill it, we can go to Disneyland“ ~Sam Winchester... by moony.draws_
Be thankful it was clean underwear, Sammy…. by kamidiox
Season 15 Dean by amy_draws_things
Team Free Will 2.0 by strong_artist96
Adorable picture by quae_temere
Dean 300 by bennixalice.art
"I can't do this alone" by pratigya_berwal
25 days to go by pratigya_berwal
29 days to go by pratigya_berwal
26 days to go by pratigya_berwal
SPOILERS FOR 15x18 by artbycaro.png
Welcome Home, Brother' by bennixalice.art
Work in progress by quelchii

Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson || Love You Or Leave You by AJ 127
supernatural s2 - exit music [faceless pt. 2] by lovesick cowboys
supernatural s1 - out of time [faceless pt. 1] by lovesick cowboys
Jensen Ackles || Photoshoot TV Guide || 2011

Just 'Cause by raloria

10 times Supernatural made us ugly cry
Fans Are Pointing Out Heartbreaking Details About Dean Winchester From 'Supernatural'
The Supernatural Season Season 16 – 10 times made us ugly cry So Far!