July 17th, 2021

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840 years later we got here right in time to prop her up by jaredpadalecki
Fan photo in Toronto with Jensen by cynthiavaldd
JDM shared video of his daughter Georgie with their duckling
Julian Richings Added to Creation Entertainment’s ‘Supernatural’ Orlando Convention
Creation Entertainment Postpones Toronto ‘Supernatural’ Convention to 2022!
‘Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 2’ Clip “Sofia” Released

Pairing Reveal & 1st Check In posted in wincestbigbang
SPN Name That Cap Challenge 7 - Day 68 posted by raloria
DEW - mon DIEU! posted in spn_bigpretzel
sam dean celebration week September 13-19 at aborddelimpala

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Latham - At The Heart Of It (Sam/Dean, R) by jessie_cristo
hungry til well fed (Sam/Dean, NC17) by sharingflannels
Tomorrow (Sam/Dean, NC17) by raving_liberal
softer, softest (Sam/Dean, NC17) by sisterwound
You Know What We've Got (Sam/Dean, PG13) by musicalgirl4474
Greenwood (Sam/Dean, NC17) by waywardsonwinchester67
Diminute (Sam/Dean, NC17) by LinusOcean
Half a Person (Sam/Dean, R) by loveofsonder
My Brother the Cockblocker (Sam/Dean, NC17) by DirtyCoffey
In a Fix (Sam/Dean, R) by theproblematique
The Mark (Sam/Dean, NC17) by Redgirl_78

Fanfic: Gen
Dean Finds a New Career (Dean, Sam, Castiel G) by motw
Wrath Shall Fall (Sam, Dean, R) by BruisedBloodyBroken
Charm (Dean, Castiel, G) by kekinkawaii
All That Jazz (Dean/Castiel, G) by kekinkawaii

Fanfic: RPF
An Open Conversation (J2, Keegan Allen, R) by Inkevagelion
Lean on me (When You’re not Strong) (J2, R) by Youremyalways
The Mating of Omega Jared! (J2, NC17) by Lady_Red8
Us Against The World (J2, G) by sammy83dean79
Can’t Live Without You! (J2, NC17) by Lady_Red8
Gamma Mine: Always and Forever {re-edited version} (J2, R) by KailyndriaRachelKatz
Finding His Alpha (J2, NC17) by lotrspnfangirl
Scars Left on My Soul (J2, NC17) by atefe_rz

Fanfic: Dean/Castiel
close to what i’m needing (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by deanc0ded
lord, she found me just in time (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by sydneygremlins
a whole new family (Dean/Castiel, G) by livelyvague
Rule Of Three (Dean/Castiel, G) by Azrielle_Jones
Paradise Is in My Hands (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by curlynerd
First Day Jitters (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by expectingtofly
Pair of Gloves (Dean/Castiel, R) by sullivanav2004
Don’t Fear the Reaper (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by KC_Bonneville
All the broken things (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by ForeverFullofLight
Allies (Dean/Castiel NC17) by squirrelofcelestialintent
having dared a holy crime (Dean/Castiel, R) by firstaidkit
the roof at sunset (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by a_good_soldier
Djinn and Tonic (Dean/Castiel, R) by Melanie_Athene

Fanfic: Big Bangs
If At First You Don't Succeed (Sam/Dean, PG13) by Center_of_the_Galaxy, art by amberdreams
Rewrite the Stars (Dean/Crowley, R) by whreflections, art by blindswandive
Before the Waning Moon (Mary, G) by paleogymnast, art by ameraleigh
In the Morning Light Let My Roots Take Flight (J2, PG13) by zubeneschamali, art by cassiopeia7
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (J2, NC17) by herminekurotowa & jdl71, art by emmatheslayer

Fanfic: Other Slash
Jo Harvelle Has Got it Going On (Jo/Bela PG13) by soperiso
The Very Last City (Victor Henriksen/Dean Winchester G) by posingasme

Fanfic: Het
Moving Forward (Jensen/OFC NC17) by Pink_Sparkly_Witch

Jensen as Batman (speed paint) - (2021) by petite_madame
Crazy Cass by teachermacciato
Castiel Told I Love You Gif by teachermacciato
Leviathan And Castiel by teachermacciato
Stigmata Sam by I see light
Dean helping Sam Shave by The good the bad and the heart
Deamon Dean with a Chained Up Sam by MaxKennedy24
Drink, Sammy by cyberdelph
Michael!Dean + Poor, Poor Sam by Malice Perilous (NSFW)
“Who the f**k are you?” by shaartwork
See you on the other side by pratigya_berwal
Becky Rosen by philchoart
Ben Braeden by philchoart
Wyncest is Best by Kamidiox
witchy jack by tgtbata
Sammy by didi_1967
I'm bathed in blood by BO_art_account
Jensen looking fine by JackleJade
Dean and Zepplin the eagle by steve_castiel_
jared puppylecki by Ca_0_Ca
i apologize if my "lettering skills" are "rusty" by buckyneeds
BNW Jensen painting by alisa_in_dreams
BNW Dean by Evan_Illustration
Jensen late night drawing by amethystpagan
Dean Winchester Study Drawing by xgumiho
Dean and Cas 'look' digital art by jjpadtk
Jack with pastels by tiabogatova1989
Dean with Pie drawing by tyjo_draws
Jared in Charcoal by juliemaeartist
BNW Intense Dean by ksenia_klishina
"Dean Winchester: graphite, ink, marker by seanpatrickpence
BNW Sammy by ksenia_klishina
Dean Oil Painting by thewhitewolf69
Dean and Flannel by trenchcoat.ink
S1 Green Eyed Dean by wayward.art7
BNW Jared digital painting by artsy_gene
Jared, Jensen, and Misha by aida._.art_
"Saving People, Hunting Things by mushmoom_artist"
BNW Dean by thirteen_arts
BNW Dean by angelina_lopato40712
House Rules by moony.draws_
Long Haired Jensen and Misha digital art by svetikk._art47
Jody Mills Sketch by pratigya_berwal

Just Cause by raloria
Just Cause by raloria
Just Cause by raloria

20 minute Sam sketch by ve.rachana
Dean Winchester Drawing Video by natanaelf_art
Jack Video by lunarteo
Big Bro Dean Video by waywardstart67
Meet the Family part 4 by supernatural_fan.pg

Impala Edit by spn_family_foreve
Dean Edit by editsbymichele
Soulmate AU: Dean and Cas Edit by deanlocked
Payback: Soldier Boy Edit by voughthq
SPN/The Breakfast Club Edit by prayingtocas
Jared Love Edits by moose_winchester1
SPN X It edit by deanlocked
Cas “Bucky” Novak Winchester with Shield by vigilantedean
Cas “Bucky” Novak Winchester by vigilantedean
Cas “Bucky” Novak Winchester hair by vigilantedean
Belphegor by spnfamilyedits

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JDM's Season 3 advice to Jensen Ackles: "Don't-f**k it up"
Supernatural: Friendships That Should Have Happened (But Didn't)
SPN Con Panel Saturday - Every Saturday at 5PM PST by raloria