June 5th, 2021

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Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles Got Ripped for The Boys Season 3 and Fans Are Shook
The Padalecki Brothers – Jared and Jeff and their families vacationing together [PHOTOS]
‘Supernatural’ Alum Jensen Ackles Posts His Superhero Workout for ‘The Boys’ (Video)

2021 sign-ups are open for the Eldritch Bang
FicWip5K is underway
wincestbigbangCheck In - Summaries and Drafts Due
wincest_reverseFinal Check In
spn_j2_bigbangartist update and how to turn in art rough drafts

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
set theory by deadlybride (Sam/Dean, R)
ficlet - wincest, safewording by wrenseroticlibrary_archivist (Sam/Dean, R)
things on a wall, in profile or by superimposed autumncolour (Sam/Dean, R)
A Kiss He Cannot See by drvology (Sam/Dean, R)
Spirits At Unrest by drvology (Sam/Dean, R)
They Remained Some of the Strongest by drvology (Sam/Dean, R)
Failsafe Plan Z by drvology (Sam/Dean, R)
Failsafe Plan Z by drvology (Sam/Dean, R)
Plan D for Dumbass by thunderpuffin429 (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Asphalt by timetogetgoing (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Midnight Shadows by Wincest87 (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Road trip rules come back to bite you by waywardsonwinchester67
Outsiders by GoldenGirlImagens (Sam/Dean, PG13)
Midnight Shadows by Wincest87 (Sam/Dean, PG13)
Got Your Back by Lochinvar (Sam/Dean, PG13)

Fanfic: Dean/Castiel
Trenchcoat by KaRaEa (Dean/Castiel, Gen)
Blue like the sky, Green like the grass by pullmyfingerCRASHgiggles(Dean/Castiel, Gen)
The Atmosphere Down Here by ValandraEvans (Dean/Castiel, R)
The Most Holy Thing There Is by hellersangels (Dean/Castiel, R)
Daily Magick by ChesterJoelDeanSilas (Dean/Castiel, R)
The Sheriff and the Outlaw by shara (Dean/Castiel, NC17)
time and effort by hellhoundsprey (Dean/Castiel, NC17)
Salvation by ioascc (Dean/Castiel, NC17)
Daily Magick by ChesterJoelDeanSilas (Dean/Castiel, NC17)
wishful, sinful, wicked blue by cringewerewolf (Dean/Castiel, NC17)

Fanfic: Other Slash
Under The Gazebo by Clints_Arrows (Sam/Castiel, PG13)

Fanfic: Gen
First Snow by drvology (J2)
I Wouldn't Mind by StardustStrange (Gen, Chuck, John W)
When The Plan Goes Sour by DestielSomwhere (Gen Dean, Sam, Castiel)
The Others by thewaterwitchdoctor (Gen, Amara, God/Chuck Shurley)
Reunion by Caighlee (Gen Dean, Sam/OMC)
The Breath of a Death you will Never Die by musicalgirl4474 (Lucifer, Michael, Sam, Death)

Fanfic: Het
It Was A Dark And Stormy Night by air2earth (Dean/Castiel, NC17)

Fanfic: RPF
Starting Over by Ashdmunoz (J2, R)
Chasing Odysseian Clues by drvology (J2, R)
Thank you Psychology: one shots. by Smurf2704 (J2, NC17)
homebody by hellhoundsprey (J2, NC17)
Bang-bang Play by drvology (J2, NC17)

Fanfic Crossover
What We Become: A Supernatural/Walking Dead Crossover - CH16 by Ahavah (Glenn/Maggie Greene, Jody Mills/Bobby Singer, Sam Winchester/Sasha, R)
Severed ties by alienspronkles (Gen, Sam, Dean, Peter Parker (spiderman))

Supernatural by spnfamilyofficial
Jess in the nurse costume by frankiecarreno
Have you told them about your stolen Grace, Castiel? by salternates
Hidden in plain sight by plushypluto
Dean Winchester painting by pop_cosmic
Sammy ) black paper, white coal by tiabogatova1989
Jensen half pencil sketch by salmondeanart
sam and jess carting their 2yo around in a stroller by cryptidmax
To live is to think. by nassan_spn.art
Dean and Castiel by liart_ez
Always Keep Fighting by sketchydean at samdeansandwich
mr & mr winchester by tgtbata
new myth, new hero, new fantastic sensations by AKFILE
A digital painting of Misha as Endverse Castiel by ScarlettMichKat
Sleepy Sam chibi by Ca
Close enough by Gigi Stab
Cross-stitch of S15 art by lacuchinaNZ

Fan Edits
Wearing a latex bodysuit by Osospecial1
“And now, over to Dean for the weather.” by dean.winchester_meteorologist
Dean Winchester, Eye of the tiger by the_winch3st3r_boy
I miss Charlie by spnfamilyedits
Sam Winchester, all tied up. by j2.lovemoose
Dean Winchester, hunter by j2.lovemoose
Yo mama by jensenacklesfan57
Jared art by j2.lovemoose
Not today! Not with me! by jensen_ackles.fangirl
Sam as Doctor Charles by vigilantedean
Choose what moves you by supernatural.wayward

BnW of Jared being Jared while Jensen just keeps going by Stardust & Melancholy
Jensen on set of The Boys by dewucme
Just 'Cause byraloria
Just 'Cause byraloria
Just 'Cause byraloria
Seven Supernatural S8 Icons by itsnotmymind

*now playing!* SOMETHING WICKED: by saltandburnthispod
Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum, guest Sebastian Roche

Jared Padalecki Teases An Intense Finale On Walker - Interview
Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles Tear Up Talking Final Season of Supernatural
Turn it off by barbalas 9296
Supernatural || Born for this by Marecela11
Sam Winchester Edit by QXM Edits
Watching Over Me by Demon Dean Girl
one mighty good man by spn_girl4life
Siempre FITT by theboys.arg
Jared and Puppies
Friendship… kinship…love by tranquilityhope

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