May 29th, 2021

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The Boys Season 3 Launches Vought Social Accounts Promoting Jensen Ackles' Debut as Soldier Boy
Richard Speight begins directing on Ep 117 of Walker
The Boys Reveals Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy In a Comic Book Cover
Go Inside the Winchesters’ Bunker in the ‘Supernatural’ Complete Series Set
A New Clip for Batman The Long Halloween Part 1 Is Here
Karl Urban and Jensen on the golf course
First Look at Jensen Ackles’ Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman: The Long Halloween’
‘Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2’ Trailer Teases Two-Face, Joker
Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson dropped the music video for “Quarter To” – Part Two [VIDEO]
Jensen Ackles Admits To Not Dealing Well With Coming To Terms With Supernatural's Ending (And Jared Padalecki Confirms)
A Deleted Scene From the Supernatural Finale Has Released

spn_j2_bigbang2021 Reveal and Posting Schedule

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
There Are Beasts Within Us All by diaryofageekgirl (Sam/Dean, R)
Memorial Day by wrenseroticlibrary (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Scattered Pearls by alwaysthrowsscissors (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Sweet Dreams by brothersimpala (Sam/Dean, NC17)
The Boy Is Mine by wrenseroticlibrary (Sam/Dean, NC17)
What We Keep Buried by QueerMozzarellaStick (Sam/Dean, PG13)
Don't Tell by Thebonemoose (Sam/Dean, PG13)
It's All Coming Back to Me Now byWuvWinchesterHugs (Sam/Dean, PG13)

Fanfic: Dean/Castiel
Screwed by capthamm (Dean/Castiel PG13)
Morning, sunshine by SuperxjinX (Dean/Castiel PG13)
My Angel is the Centrefold by Dizzybunny (Dean/Castiel, NC17)
An American in Paris by Nessa_T (Dean/Castiel, NC17)
The Omega Law by thatwriterlady (Dean/Castiel, NC17)

Fanfic: Other Slash
Cupcakes & Blood by KindredIsa (Sam/Gabriel, NC17)
Saving Gabe by ADDButterfly, KindredIsa (Sam/Gabriel, NC17)

Fanfic: Gen
The Wolf of Love by septembers_coda (Sam)
Suns into the Void by AtlasofAnxiety (Dean, Castiel)
It's Just Paranoia by QueerMozzarellaStick (Sam, Dean)
The Woods by Soulmatism_By_Romaunt (Sam, Dean)
Meine Lux by Darksidedawn (Sam, Dean)
Dually Noted by Frankie_Winchester (Sam, Dean, OFC)
protection by bi_blerd (Sam, Dean)
secrets are never easy, dean by imcrapatthiswritingshitbutitry (Sam, Dean)
not your average guardian angel by wordsfallapart (Sam, Dean, Castiel)
A Craze You'd Endorse by Dresup (Gen, Dean, Sam, Darcy Lewis (MCU))

Fanfic: Het
Home by WeezieMcSqueezie (Dean/OFC, NC17)
Stepping in the line of fire BY Stormysea__breaks (Dean/OFC, PG13)
A Beautiful Crime by thatmaskedwriter (Bela Talbot/Dean, R)

Fanfic: RPF
It's Time by sakuranomi808 (J2, NC17)

Fanfic: Big Bangs
spn_bigpretzelMasterpost: 10th Spn_BigPretzelSpring Fic Exchange

neon lighting through motel window by tgtbata
And then one day you die, you go to Hell, they make you Queen…🔥✨ Digital pastel painting. by nayeliq1
bloody dean by pizzadragons
Sam Winchester, blood junkie by J2LoveMoose
"There is only one person who gets it on the level I get it. And that's Jared". by Kamidiox
Dean through Broken Glass by J2LoveMoose
“Last night, Castiel (Misha) saw a lunar eclipse.” by
Sweet dreams and are made of this! by Kamidiox
“One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it.” by nassan86894225
Sammy smirk. by hope2bAtomic
spn finale feelings by DaniSalernoArt
spn women week day 2: the harvelles by frankiecarreno

Fan Edits
Cover Model Jared by J2LoveMoose
Deanmon Wincest manip by TravelIerInTime
{Lyric Edit} //I know it hurts// by winchestergalore
❝They chose family❞ by supernatural.wayward
"You didn't.."😳 "Oh, I did." by acklesxunicorn
pcp crazed strippers by __maryam_hasan___
Do I still taste of war? by spnfamilyedits
[dean smith] //i became such a strange shape from trying to fit in// by deansnightmoves
THEY’RE THE GUYS who saved the world. Over. And over. at SamDeanSandwich
Wincest kiss by TravelIerInTime

Just 'Cause by raloria
Just 'Cause by raloria
Just 'Cause by raloria
Just 'Cause by raloria
BnW pic of j2 by MelancholyPhoto

Bad Boy by Thriller.Win

Episode 24 is here over on waywardspiritpod

Supernatural: Every Major Villain Ranked Worst To Best
Supernatural's Original Plan Didn't Feature The Winchester Bros (Why It Changed)
Supernatural Deleted Scene Shows Dean and Sam Toast Everyone They Lost in the Series
#TBT: “Supernatural” Final Season Confirms Castiel’s Love for Dean
New ‘Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One’ Images Tease the Catwoman and Batman Relationship
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Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles' Favorite Supernatural Episodes Explained
‘Walker’ Brings the Heartbreak with A Tale of Two Families 1.12
‘Supernatural’: Season 15 Blu-Ray Review – The Winchester Boys Bid Farewell In Emotional Final Season
Story Behind the Song: Reyna Roberts, ’67 (Winchester)’
SUPERNATURAL: THE COMPLETE SERIES Blu-ray Box Set Review; "An Absolute Can't Miss Pickup For Longtime Fans"
Supernatural: 5 Saddest Sam & Dean Deaths (& 5 Of Their Most Shocking Resurrections)
Win ‘Supernatural: The Fifteenth And Final Season’ On Blu-Ray
A Look Back at TV Guide Magazine’s ‘Supernatural’ Covers Over the Years
Supernatural Box Set Clip Revisits Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki Casting
MP3 Download The Evolution of Dean Winchester's voice

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