May 9th, 2021

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‘Supernatural’s Samantha Smith Joins Cameo

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Crowley Big Bang
SPN Dystopia Bang

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
wreck my plans (that's my man) (Sam/Dean, R) by obstinatrix
the sun shines down (Sam/Dean, NC17) by hathfrozen
The End of God (Sam/Dean, PG13) by Supersupernatural
Dreams (Sam/Dean, R) by shadowcatsprite
just another day in paradise, baby (Sam/Dean, NC17) by randomfills (spnfanatic)
Flourish (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lotrspnfangirl
in my brother's mansion (Sam/Dean, NC17) by StripySock
Incongruently insane (Sam/Dean, R) by Raven_HereToStay
Pretty Baby (Sam/Dean, NC17) by giacinta2

Fanfic: Gen
So Spicy (Lucifer, PG13) by theymp
The Devil went down to Kansas (Sam, Dean, Lucifer G) by dizzojay
Stressed Out (Castiel, Jack G) by lordwhat
Heart and Soul (sam, Dean, Others G) by cassiopeia7, Frontierland_Productions, tifaching

Fanfic: RPF
Give it all for you (J2, R) by YohKoBennington
Falling (J2, PG13) by TammyRenH
Desolation Peak (J2, NC17) by zubeneschamali
smile and the world smiles with you (J2 PG13) by hellhoundsprey
Wonderful Tonight (J2 NC17) by TammyRenH
WTF! I am Taken (J2, NC17) by Lady_Red8
Austin City Lives (J2, NC17) by WincestOTP
King of Hearts (J2, R) byamberdreams

Fanfic: Other Slash
like moses and batman and james dean (Dean/Castiel NC17) by saltyfeathers
Autrement, Danger - or, The Account of an Exceedingly Long Day (Dean/Castiel R) by awed_frog
Dean (and Cas') Top 13 Zepp Traxx (Dean/Castiel NC17) by pantheon_of_discord
Beneath the Stars (Dean/Castiel NC17) by spnredemption
this is how it really ends (Dean/Castiel NC17) by Trenchcoat_Impala
In the Shadows of Vesuvius(Dean/Castiel NC17) by grimmlin
What Desperation Accomplishes (Dean, Castiel PG13) by remanth
The Rough (Dean/Castiel PG13) by anactoria

First-Time Wincest Fest: A Supplementary Reclist by kirathehyrulian

Vienna//Dean Winchester by chocolatecakecas
Sam and Dean [1x01 - 15x20] || DARKNESS (Eminem) by sara tfkh
sam and dean | if I didn't have you by jυѕтcαllмeмιcнelle
Claire Novak // "Where's My Juul?" by katebushstandean
Daddy Cool Dean by excrzist
Casifer by excrzist
Dean: I'd rather die. by hallowedbecastiel
A Hundred Bad Days by
We are good with who Dean is too by love_deanwinchester._

‘My beautiful boy’ by travellerintime
Cracked Sam by J2.LoveMoose
Roadhouse Dean by vigilantedean
Sweet dreams by underneatheesycamore
I gave in to Ackleholism by underneatheesycamore
Motivation by underneatheesycamore
There an't no me if there ain't no you by __maryam_hasan___
Jensen Ackles - Space! by tonya04021987
Soulmates by spnsammygorl

Art: Heart and Soul by cassiopeia7, Frontierland Productions
“So get this.” by lealala
righteous by paintingtori
On The Head of A Pin my beloved… yb lamiasage
heaven is a place on earth by thegoodthebadandtheart
you know what day it is bitch!!! by littlefaith
anyway by cowboydeanwinchester
“This is good.” by scarred wings
THE HANDSOME ANGEL CASTIEL by lafatadellapioggia
Jensen drawing by milyzhang97
Hotel Winchester, Oil on canvas by castiel-in-panties
art therapy by levity-does-art
Sam Digital painting by crossroads-consoul
Season 15 Dean - the dilf years by betanoiz
Season 1 Dean - the twunk years by betanoiz
a tribute to the hysterical evening that was Nov 5th by tatchianamichaela
From the comics. Beautiful art by Dustin Nguyen
Back in Black by dualityofcastiel
here is the place where I love you by sheepstiel
Underwater tentacle dystopia with cowboy hats. by diminuel
Gabriel and Castiel fanart by Amination
overboard on the freckles and eyelashes by caduceuzs
DEAN FAN ART at SamDeanSandwich
Castiel head sculpt by HRZONE2
Mark Sheppard painting by pop_cosmic
jared padalecki painting by pop_cosmic
Jack Kline watercolor by jamborae
Bloody Dean by
Mermay by freckleNdimple
RIP bangs by amiination
Catch the angel...?? by elam0318
Can’t believe it’s over now by serafire
Your absence lingers by cristydibuja
No, that's why I'll kill him first. by ksenia_klishina
Commission based on "The lovers of Bordeaux" by merakieros
longer hair cas by

Just 'Cause by raloria

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