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Ed. 424

A thousand pardons about last night's edition, guys. Here, have a special double-edition to make up for it.

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Broadway World article about Jensen's stage appearance at Casa Manana in June.
Jensen to star in A Few Good Men the play.

New Communities

Challenge #74 - Keith Munyan Shots at jared_stillness
Season 1, Challenge 9 voting up at spn_iconathon
Round two voting at spnlims

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Goodnight Kiss by merihn (PG-13)
Caught by unhobbityhobbit (R, Sam/evil!Dean)
Reaffirmation by prmalscream (R)
Becoming, 5/? by supernaturalfun (R)
Yourself Without Me by subtly_fic (NC-17)
It Isn't 'til It Is by notthequiettype (PG-13)
Hide the Bones Away by tempestquill (R)
All I Want by mickym (PG-13)
Dream State by skialalia (NC-17)
Switched by impertinence (PG-13)
don’t ever play with guns by tigriswolf (R)
Of Supposedly Unrequited Love and Dean's Pornographic Mouth by grim_lupine (NC-17)
Promises In The Dark by halfshellvenus (PG-13)
Which Bridge to Cross and Which to Burn by laminy (NC-17)
Mountains Crumble to the Sea by notthequiettype (PG-13)
Sub Rosa: Jalousie, Ken, Lucifugous (PG)
Holding Vigil by laugiana_fic (R)
Gonna Make Damn Sure by sheafleur (NC-17)
Strike One by 1ightning (NC-17)
The Plague Pt 16 A and B by linda92595 (NC-17, John/Bobby)
Shiver by halfshellvenus (NC-17)

Fanfic: Gen
We Were Like Family Once, 3/4 and 4/4 by dodger_winslow (PG-13)
Normality by grim_lupine (PG-13)
DNR by big_pink (PG)
The opium in the broth by nashirah (PG-13)
Red Dye No. 5 by minkmix (PG)
It Scares Me Sometimes by faye_dartmouth (PG-13)
Marionettes and Alcohol by wandersfound (PG-13)
The Famous Winchester Brothers by jeweleglantine (PG-13, mentions of Wincest)
Reaper by jenab (PG)
A Vampire's Revenge-Sequel by sarlev_vanisa (PG-13)
Hysterical by robin_redbreast (PG)
Free Enterprise by minkmix (PG)
The Crying Game by listentorabbits (PG)
One Father's Sons, Chapter 21 by stele3 (PG-13)
Once Upon a Time in Prison by lunabee34 (PG-13)
Strength of a Bear (4/4) by leonidaslion (R)
What you don't know doesn't hurt you by gottalovev (G)
Three times the Winchesters were most definitely not equine, no way. by angstslashhope (PG-13)
Words Whispered In The Night by burnmybones (PG)
I dreamed you died by gottalovev (PG-13)
Family is Everything by willoweese (PG)

Fanfic: Het
Normal by misskatieleigh (NC-17, Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC)
Internal Struggle by sunshinegir1 (PG, Dean/Jo)
My Sorrows Learned to Swim by coffee_in_bed (R, Sam/Ellen)
The Edge Of Normality by doylefan22 (PG-13, Dean/OFC)
Cowboy Smile (1/3) by elanurel (NC-17, Dean/OFC)
The Rocking Chair by muses_circle (G, Sam/Sarah)
Devil’s Dance chapter 5 by aphrodite33 (NC-17, Dean/OFC)

Fanfic: Other
All My Days Will End With You by zannes (G, John/Illyria, Supernatural/Angel crossover)
It Happened One Colorado Night, 4/? & 5/? by empressvesica (R, Dean/Faith, Supernatural/Angel crossover)
Coincidences by emony2 (PG-13, Supernatural/Buffy/Gray's Anatomy crossover)
All That Is Eternal by tigriswolf (PG-13, Sam/Dean, Supernatural/Greek mythology crossover)
Part V of I'll Be Seeing You in My Dreams by cameragrl (R, John/Izzy, Supernatural/Gray's Anatomy crossover)
Out for Blood 7/9 by superbadgirl (R, Supernatural/NCIS crossover)
Run Through The Jungle (2/?) by taniapretender (PG-13, Supernatural/Dark Angel crossover)

Fanfic: RPS
Slow is Smooth (And Smooth is Steady), 3/11 by splashpink (NC-17, JA/JP)
Take You Down (We Fall Together) by dev_earl (NC-17, JA/JP)
and a fool at the other by 22by7 (PG, JA/JP)
Fun and Conversation vs. Good Ol' Fashioned Lubrication by mcee (NC-17, JA/JP)
Late Night Livin', 10/10 by deviant_dev (NC-17, JA/JP)
Fatal Attraction, 3/? by zenamydog, jdsampson and winchestergirl (NC-17, JA/JP)
Marked for life (4/?) by incompletework2 (NC-17, JA/JP)
Starstruck (part 1 of 2, or maybe 3) by zelda_zee (R, JA/JC Chasez)
His Mouth by themarisa (G, JA/JP)

Fic recs at crack_impala
Fic recs by amothea
Fic rec by maygra
Fic recs by twasdark
Fic recs by namegoeshere
Fic recs at spnroundtable
Fic recs at crack_impala
Vid rec by cathybites
Fic recs at spnroundtable
Fic rec by phantomas
Fic recs by tripoli
Fic recs by amothea

Icons by nardasarmy
Jensen Icons by peterphoenix
Icons 1/2 and 2/2 by unfamiliargirl
Icons by dev_earl
Season 1 Quotes Icons by lavillenie
Icons by xsleepingswanx
Icons by keyweegirlie
Icons by gigglingkat
Animated Icons by ilovejensen
Icons by mouseykins1
Icons by cakeholes
Icons by acidquill
Icons by nightcomes
Icons by natalchica
Icons by mouseykins1
Icons by xswaniconsx
Icons by dustandluv

SPN 2x19 - Folsom Prison Blues screencaps by oxoniensis
Folsom Prison Blues screencaps by marishna
Sweeps Media from x5vale
Jensen picspam by stir_of_echoes
Folsom Prison Blues screencaps by leggyslove
Sam picpsam by jkelly113
A Little Inside Screencaps by gwendolynmstacy
Sam picspam from Folsom Prison Blues by muses_circle
Dean picspam from Folsom Prison Bluesby annalazarus
Folsom Prison Blues Black & White Picspam by apieceofcake
Jensen picspam by moondropz
Dean caps from Hell House by willoweese

The Hunt Went South by peach_gurl (Dean/Tentacle Monster)
Dean Manip Wallpaper by thalassa_ipx [NOT WORK SAFE]
Wee!Chesters Art by nyxmidnight
Bait by nardasarmy
The Working Man by digitalwave
Wincesty manip by burnmybones

the rooster by ckll
Impala Pala Bang Bang by starrylizard
Ordinary by comically_so
Photograph by hay1ock
Fever: The Sequel by angelsdee
Bitch by wolfpup2000
Saving Me by broken_lullaby
Lacrymosa by vetusangelus

Spn/American Gothic Soundtrack by jenshih_blue
Love Lies Bleeding by nikki74

Ten Inch Hero review by momosanla
How to help save Supernatural by shinetastic
Full page TV Guide spread by acidquill [SPOILERS for 0220]
Top Ten Prison Nicknames for Sam and Dean... by deirdre_c

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