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Edition 4,857

Jensen Hanging out with The Boys cast on Laz's IG
Jensen and Karl Urban banter on vaccines, beer and golf
From @bodyguard13 On IG featuring @jarpad and@GenPadalecki: "Footy night , go Austin FC"
Jared calls a Season wrap on filming for Keegan Allen aka Liam on Walker!
Jensen Ackles Was Surprised DC Cast Him As Batman In The Long Halloween

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Sunflower (Sam/Dean, NC17) by laughablelament
124 daily lives in the bunker (Sam/Dean, PG13) by Shakaryo_012
[Moodboard] Dean x Sam Summer Holiday (Sam/Dean, G) by Moodboards by Isabelle (isabellerecs)
what caused the wound? how sharp the teeth? (Sam/Dean, PG13) by angel_passing
By Your Command (Sam/Dean, NC17) by BruisedBloodyBroken
The sound of dead leaves (Sam/Dean, R) by unhappy_ghost
On Camera (Sam/Dean, NC17) by writinginthesecrettrees

Fanfic: Gen
Blistered And Burnt, Can't Hide My Disgrace (Emma (Slice Girls), Dean, Sam, PG13) by thiscowboyisbisexual (NeedsCaffeineRightNow)
Beer Run (Dean, Mary, Sam, PG13) by Thalius
Make This House a Habit (Sam/Rowena/Gabriel/Eileen, PG13) by lumpy_space_princess
Something To Believe In (Dean, Sam, Becky, R) by Frontierland_Productions, locknkey
My Profit On It Is (Sam, Dean, G) by andlightplay
The Reason Why (Dean, Sam, John, PG13) by Call_Me_Your_Friend
the best dad ever! (Castiel, Jack G) by hlukol
The Demon Blood Is Coming From Inside The Body (Sam, PG13) by scarecrowmax
On a Wing (Sam, Dean, G) by shoulda_been_a_redhead
Little Miracles (Castiel, Jack, PG13) by alpacamybags
Monster Baby of the Week (Dean, Bobby-John, PG13) by thecityofthefireflies
The Tie's the Limit (Dean, Castiel, G) by dizzojay
Feel the Burn (Dean, Castiel, G) by theymp

Fanfic: Dean/Castiel
under the sea (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by TheirPrincess21
Empty (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by squirrelofcelestialintent
you’re the only friend i need (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by piesexuality
The Accidental Voyeur (Dean/Castiel, R) by foxymoley
first you need, then you bleed (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by smalltowncas (underthelinden)
His Human, His Angel (Dean/Castiel PG13) by Liloxina
Kiss Me (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by warriorbarrd
The Moon Is Astonished And So Are The Sheep (Dean/Castiel, Jack, PG13) by Goth-Bias (GothBias)
Wordless Praise (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by VampAmber
bring us back together (when the day is done) (Dean/Castiel, G) by omittedcastiel

Fanfic: RPF
First Impression (J2, R) by jld71
Jared Does A Lot Of Things He Doesn’t Mean To (J2, R) by notMisha (IAmSorry__sendmeaprompt)
The World Came Crashing Down (J2, PG13) by Youremyalways
Everything-Verse FanFic (J2/OFC, PG13) by Fangirlxwritesx67
Texas Peach (J2, R) by Fangirlxwritesx67
Happy Valentine's Day (J2, PG13) by JillMarie
Hearts Still Beating (J2, NC17) by wind_storms

Fanfic: Other Slash
Stable Income (Castiel/Jimmy Novak/Dean NC17) by troubleseeker
With But a Thought (Sam/Gabriel R) by sicparvis87

Is that Sam Winchester? (Dean/Castiel, Cast of Criminal Minds, G) by alienspronkles
When It Feels Like The End Of The Road (Don’t Let Go) (Dean/Daryl Dixon, Cast of The Walking Dead, R) by Constant_Crisis, MisterTiberius

Fanfic: Big Bangs
As Normal As It Gets (Sam/Dean, NC17) by dwimpala67, art by [Bad username: darklittleheart96]
August 5th, 2001 (Sam/Dean, R) by coricomile, art by bluefire986

saltandburnthispod: DEAD MAN'S BLOOD: Sam has questions and is tired of taking John's orders.

Team Free Will & J2M – I’ll be there for you by AngelDove
Soldier Boy is the Bad Guy, Right? by spn.stardust
rest in peace randy, we will miss you by waywardassbuttt

Sam and Dean Graphic Challenge — Favourite Moment With Another Character by soulmates-for-real
somewhere in heaven by mags_21
The “my little random moments of pleasure” series: N°1 - EW - Batman: The Long Halloween by lemondropsonice
and you wanna know a secret? by buticancarryyou
4x13 after school special by sacrificialtendencies
15x20 carry on by sacrificialtendencies
Day 11 - bunker by sacrificialtendencies
motel rooms by x-beanie-x
Baby by x-beanie-x
Am I the only game piece on the board who doesn’t underestimate those denim-wrapped nightmares? by x-beanie-x
painting a night scene by untoldblisses
Motel-Rooms by peach-coke
7.10 - Death’s Door | 14.13 - Lebanon by peach-coke
Supernatural 09x04 Part 1 by mvdeanw
Supernatural 09x04 Part 2 by mvdeanw
Supernatural // 1x01, 1x21, 2x11, 2x15, 4x22, 5x18 by mvdeanw
Favorite moment with another character by bilosan
Bunker or motel rooms? by bilosan
Favorite quote about them from others by bilosan
Having read your history, there is pretty much nothing the Winchesters can’t do if they work together.” by audreyhrnes
Favorite hugs by juliawvicker
Favorite moment with another character by rehcolt
This is my life by stanfordsweater
3.10 by blueskysammy
favorite moment with another character by blueskysammy
I liked that the boys had a sense of ‘home’ with the bunker but I sure did miss the motel rooms by cloexbrosluvr
Sam and Dean with Henry, John and Mary by cloexbrosluvr
Favorite quote about them from others || Zachariah in 5x18 bycloexbrosluvr
favourite funny scene/s || tall tales by jarpadandjensens
Favorite moment with another character by aborddelimpala
Favorite quote about them from others by aborddelimpala
favorite emotional scene by sammysnaughtygirl
Favorite quote about them from others by sammysnaughtygirl
This is War by aqsawinchester
Dean | What if I said I didn't want to die yet? by ohhmycas
Lillith Wanted Poster by supernatural_deanandsamandcas
Jensen by j2.lovemoose
Jared by j2.lovemoose
Giddy Up, Cowboy by svetikk._art47

Art for S16 Episode 09: Something To Believe In by Frontierland_Productions, PeachCoke
castiel was controlled by Naomi mind by teachermacchiato
You pull him out.And you have fallen by satsukiai
castiel is so cute! by teachermacchiato
castiel’s tongue by teachermacchiato
Abbey Crossroad! by unassumingpumpkin
Father's day Castiel & Jack by JJPadtk
Regarding Dean Comic art by eva.schiffbauer
water fight by art by .remy.d
Hugged someone who wasn’t Dean Winchester today by masivart
Rain by amiination
BOOST illustration by pensan
Dean, don’t-- no-- just let me get a look at the stuff they gave you by tgtbata
mermaid Sam by Ca
soft heaven-cuddles by Peach-Coke
Dean Sam Swesson by shaartwork
there will be no years of silence in the shadow of regret by tgtbata
Cas doesn’t differentiate pet names, probably on purpose by lizleeships
LESS favorite hunting disguise by Kamidiox
Favorite MOTW hunt by Kamidiox

Just Cause by raloria
Just Cause by raloria

Supernatural Rewatch – The Shocking Season One Finale, Devil’s Trap
Jared and Jensen in 14 Famous Austinites Who Also Make Great Dads
Supernatural: 10 Saddest Scenes From The Series, Ranked
Supernatural: 10 Questions About Sam Winchester, Answered
The Supernatural Episode That Predicted The Lucifer Series
Only a couple of weeks to send your video clips/messages for Jared’s birthday video!
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