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Edition 4,849

Jensen Ackles Says Real Photos of Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 3 Are Coming Soon posted at MovieWeb
Tales From the ‘Supernatural’ Set Through the Years posted at TV Insider
Meta-Musicals, Teenage Heartbreak Nostalgia, and Feeling Things posted at SE Media Club
Jensen News
The Boys Actor Jensen Ackles' Post For Daughter JJ's Birthday: 'I Wish I Could Slow Time' posted by Republic World

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
30days by wincestgoddess (R)
The Price of Obsession by Fenix21 (InTheGreySpaces) (PG-13)
Between the Lines by Fenix21 (InTheGreySpaces) (G)
Weak and Hollow by kelskinkyfic (NC-17)
Negative Space by kelskinkyfic (R)
You Turn the Screws (the It’s What You Choose Remix) by brighteyedjill (NC-17)

Fanfic: Dean/Castiel
You're My Paradise by benka79 (NC-17)
It's An Asexual Thing by Wolfcry22 (G)
Being Human by lotsofquestionslimitedanswers (PG-13)
Wireless Communication by nessarose_thropp (R)
Swallow Your Body Like Meanings Or Whisky by GothBias (PG-13)
Halt and Catch Fire by darknessbound (NC-17)

Fanfic: Other Slash
To Build A Home by Redgick (Claire/Kaia; PG-13)
in your arms, under your skin by jeremycarver (Dean/Benny; NC-17)
Grow As We Go by JustYourAverageBiromantic (Slytherin_Forever) (Dean/Michael; PG-13)
Wait by the Light of the Moon by Zetal (Rodinia) (Alex/Claire; PG-13)

Fanfic: Gen
What I've Felt by twinklefae (PG-13)
Saving Daddy's Blunt Little Instrument by ibelieve_whiteflag_aslansdefender (G)
understanding the endgame by cryingmathematically (PG-13)
Twist Of The Knife by psykidsam (Weirwolf) (PG-13)

Fanfic: Other
For the Moment by SymphonySoldier97 (Criminal Minds crossover; Sam/Spencer; NC-17)

Sam convinced him to do yoga ok. by Tiyanaell
Leafy seadragon Jensen - diver/swimmer Jared by merakieros
Misha by pop_cosmic
Sam by pop_cosmic
merman!Cas and Dean by tyjo_draws
C'mon, Sam, you know he's kidding. by kamidiox
Remember the Tough mudder? by kamidiox
Ruby by frankiecarreno
Castiel by JJPADTK
young adult Mer-Dean by art.by.remy.d
“The Brothers” by according.tothelore
dean & cassie by frankiecarreno
"You are my best brother" by elam0318
Happy birthday ) Crowley ) paper, pencil by tiabogatova1989
derp face! by jamborae

The “my little random moments of pleasure” series: N°3 The End Of The Road – Friends And Brothers by lemondropsonice
The “my little random moments of pleasure” series:N°1 The End Of The Road – Friends And Brothers by lemondropsonice
Jody and Claire by waywardcanaries
Jared as Thor by vigilantedean
Tahmoh as Hawkeye by vigilantedean
Misha as the Winter Soldier by vigilantedean
Jensen as Captain America by vigilantedean
He's worth it by jensen_ackles.fangirl
//Toast to the ones here today// by winchestergalore
Rest at last. by sppnfamilyedits
Memories by sammys.angel
Missing Walker by sammys.angel
The Guys Who Saved The World by __maryam_hasan___
Proud of Us by __maryam_hasan___
The Freaking Winchesters by __maryam_hasan___
❝Saving people hunting things the family business❞ by supernatural.wayward
❝My entire life, you’ve protected me❞ by supernatural.wayward
❝I’m not clean❞ by supernatural.wayward
❝We got work to do❞ by supernatural.wayward
Dean x detective Castiel/Sam AU by deanlocked
spn x aot (attack on titan) AU by deanlocked

The hand on the heart Brother - Jensen Ackles NJCon17 by kunerksterphoto
Jensen on set of the boys by Dewucme

Podcast: how different writers bring wildly varying characterizations of Dean Winchester to the show. Good and bad, depending on your taste in Dean.⠀ at spnontherocks
Podcast: 4.6: Yellow Fever. at spnballspod

Dean Winchester 11x04 by Thriller.Win
Where is the beer? by moose_winchester1
Supernatural | The End Of The Road – Friends And Brothers | Warner Bros. Entertainment
Cassie Robinson//Do It by chocolatecakecas
Dean Winchester//Juice by chocolatecakecas
what is and what should never be - brother by lovesick cowboys

Quiz: Mary Winchester posted at What Culture
Sheila McCarthy and Julian Richings Will Do Anything for Jackson in Supernatural Horror Film’s DVD Giveaway posted at Shock Ya

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