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Edition 4,846

Supernatural Video: Dean and Sam Toast Castiel and Everyone They've Lost in Extended Deleted Scene

Call for artists for SPN Regency Big Bang

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Buried Alive by spndeansammylov (Sam/Dean, R)
all the weight and pain of life by Anonymous (Sam/Dean, R)
Clipped Wings by Arianllyn (Sam/Dean, R)
Love Isn't All That It Seems (I've Been Sleepwalking) by love_u_always_mom (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Big Brothers by Vocaloidfan (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Touch by gracerene (Sam/Dean, NC17)
It's Time by sakuranomi808 (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Unattainable Need by Bad_WolfGirl (Sam/Dean, PG13)
Lines in the sand by unhappy_ghost (Sam/Dean, PG13)

Fanfic: Other Slash
Maybe I'm Amazed by sidewinder (Dean/Castiel PG13)
what if we never changed? by LiberAmans214 (Dean/Castiel PG13)
like a dog (with a bird at your door) by deanc0ded (Dean/Castiel PG13)
Bloom by wearingmywings (Dean/Castiel PG13)
The Unbroken by casblackfeathers (Dean/Castiel, NC17)
The A Spectrum by TheUltimateUndesirable (Dean/Castiel, NC17)

Fanfic: Gen
New Developments by 123DKC (Gen, Dean Castiel)
Dean's coming out by just_spn_trash (Gen, Dean Castiel)
What, like it's my first resurrection? by Ophelia_Yvette (Gen, Kevin, Linda Tran)
we are not alone in the dark by pippuri (Gen Adam Milligan, Sam Winchester)
The Sweet Smell of Success by Candygramme (Sam, Dean, Balthazar, Jack)

Fanfic: Het
A Wasted Night by SakuraMeringue (Castiel/Meg, PG13)
You're the Face of the Future by Zetal (Rodinia) (Castiel/Hannah, PG13)

Fanfic: RPF
Tainted Love Revenge's Fury by Original_Sinner (J2, R)
Baby On Board by Original_Sinner (J2, R)
Why Can't I Breathe (Whenever I Think About You) by cherryvanilla (J2, NC17)

Jared Painting by J2lovemoose
Stone Number One by tgtbata
Art for Bloom by Hitori_Alouette
Hard Candy by o_casaba
Atomic Monsters Sam by fur_immer_96
collection of Jared Sketches by fur_immer_96
The Brothers by fur_immer_96
Sam + Glasses by fur_immer_96
Now it's perfect by kamidiox
Dean in the Car by pop_cosmic
'If you haven't cried, your eyes can't be beautiful.' by
Huntercorp Dean and Sam by Diminuel
Gallery of Sam Art by Vongue at Moose_Winchester1

Fan Edits
The ain't no me edit by __team.winchester__
Mark of Cain edit by supernatural_deanandsamandcas
I am not who I was Sam Edit by SPNFamilyEdits
Jensen edit by Jensenreports
Young Dean by J2LoveMoose
Priest Sam by jjpadtk
Castiel in a Flower Crown by Caduceuzs
Wendigo edit by _team.winchester_
The Outsiders by vigilantedean
"It's okay, Sammy" by travellerintime
The mind remembers the words edit bySamDeanSandwich
THE SPN TWIN SIGNS? by SPNFamilyOfficial
YOUR SPN PARENTS? by SPNFamilyOfficial
80's Dean by VigilanteDean

BnW photo of Ruth O'Connell by MelancholyPhoto
photo of Timothy Omundson by MelancholyPhoto
Just 'Cause by raloria
Just 'Cause by raloria

Jensen Ackles Black and White by
Claire Novak // "Cherry Bomb" by katebushstandean
GISH Fest Opening Ceremonies - Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles and Charlie Chapen

Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles' Favorite Supernatural Episodes Explained
‘Supernatural’s Top 15 Celestials, From Ruby to Castiel
A Look Back at TV Guide Magazine’s ‘Supernatural’ Covers Over the Years
Jensen saying 'Son of a bitch' as Dean Download Song Information:
The Comedian & 9 Other Jeffrey Dean Morgan Roles, Ranked By Rotten Tomatoes
Large Dean Winchester Cross Stitch Chart PDF Supernatural

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