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Edition 4,845

2021 Claims page for SPN_J2_bigbang is open
Louden Swain appearing on Bachelor Draft Picks
Supernatural guests at Galaxy Con

Upcoming charity auction in June for Random Acts by the FicFacers

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Seduced By A Black-Eyed Brother (Sam/ Demon Dean, NC17) by giacinta2
Fitchburg (Sam/Dean/OFC, NC17) by runedgirl
subtle detox (Sam/Dean, PG13) by ribsamdean
A Hole to Die In (Sam/Dean, NC17) by thecapn
You're In My Veins (Sam/Dean, PG13) by Soulmatism_By_Romaunt
lacerate my heart baby; tell me the truth (Sam/Dean, R) by wadefeltonism
To: Mr. Bright (Sam/Dean/OMC, NC17) by Descended_from_Hufflepuffs
Rings And Vows And You (Sam/Dean, PG13) by Sammydeangurl80

Fanfic: Gen
Dramatis Personae (Sam, PG13) by theymp
Let Me Tell You What Happened (Adam, Dean, Jack, Lucifer, Michael, Sam, OMC, PG13) by theymp
Wordsmith (Sam, Dean, G) by dizzojay
Hearts in The Empty (Crowley, Billie, Death, Balthazar G) by kingstoken
I Could Be Dreaming (Dean, Castiel, Gen) by WhenTheClockStrikesMidnight
Children of the Grave (Dean, Sam, Castiel, PG13) by forlovedones
Crash and Burn (Dean, Sam, Castiel, PG13) by shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod

Fanfic: RPF
Light & Shadow (J2, R) by Aelia1980

Fanfic: Other Slash
Onions (Dean/Castiel PG13) by warriorbarnes
To Be Human is to Make Mistakes (Dean/Castiel R) by AngelWithoutAShotgun
Whimper (Dean/Castiel NC17) by Anonymous
free to be you and me (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by hlukol
ordinary time (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by one_more_offbeat_anthem
Project Angel (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by Nessa_T
Supermassive Black Hole (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by Shiibee

Castiel Edit by QXM edits
Sam & Dean | Single Man Tear by Mystic Swan
Supernatural Edits by QXM Edits
Alec V Dean Paralell 2 by DevilFaraAckles

pre-kiss J2 manip by travellerintime
He needs someone to scrub his back... by J2LoveMoose
Purgatory Dean by demon_heart_spn

Metatron watercolor by jamborae
Dean Sketch by jamborae
J2 Kings by fur_immer_96
J2 drowsy Jensen by fur_immer_96
Jared by fur_immer_96
J2 sketch by fur_immer_96
Pilot 1x1 watercolor by fur_immer_96
J2 art by J2LoveMoose
Dean sketch by tiabogatova 1989
Jared in Aviators by J2LoveMoose

Just Cause by raloria
The 13th Year Anniversary of my First Set Of SPN Screencaps! by raloria

Supernatural Rewatch – Something Wicked (And Heartbreaking)
When does fan service go too far?
CONTESTS Win the Massive “Supernatural: The Complete Series” Collector’s Set on Blu-ray!
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