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Edition 4,838

Jensen post - Radio Company Volume II drops at number 3 on iTunes on release.
Radio Company Volume II is out Today! by Radio Company
What Happened To 'Supernatural' Actress Samantha Smith?
How Supernatural's Creator Criticized His Own Worst Movie On The Show
Radio company releases video for "Dead to Rights" feat Sarah Hall on harp by Radio Company

The First-Time Wincest Fest Masterpost
Springfling Masterlist 2021 by spnspringfling
ART & WRITING PROMPTS: OPEN - Jack Kline content exclusive! by hellhoundsprey
Please submit your JACK KLINE CENTRIC prompts for the upcoming hashtag jacksbirthdayparty by tintentrinkerin
Add your shoutout for the We Miss Sam and Dean video by rcngerwalker

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Twisted by travellerintime (Sam/Dean. NC17)
You take my Self, You take my Self Control by Wallissa(Sam/Dean. NC17)
Candy by Supersupernatural (Sam/Dean. NC17)
The Inner Sanctity by wolf_lake (Sam/Dean. NC17)
Of Stars and Dust by tammyrenh (Sam/Dean. R)
Lucky Streak by merle_p (Sam/Dean. R)
Just Ask by smalltrolven (Sam/Dean. NC17)
wreck my plans (that's my man) by obstinatrix (Sam/Dean. R)
the sun shines down by hathfrozen (Sam/Dean. NC17)
Closing Walls and Ticking Clocks by gaialux (Sam/Dean. PG13)
Down at All by coricomile (Sam/Dean. PG13)
Climbing up the Walls by Dalphinia (Sam/Dean. PG13)
I'd take our family over normal any day by redmyeyes (Sam/Dean. NC17)
put the car in reverse and hit the brakes by irreputablyyours (Sam/Dean. PG13)
In asylum (I live a lie) by redmyeyes (Sam/Dean. PG13)
Hell of a Week by spiralicious (Sam/Dean. R)
like a blessing, like a knee in the chest by monsterq (Sam/Dean. R)
the foetal grave by coricomile (Sam/Dean. PG13)

Fanfic: Other Slash
loving him felt like the warmth of the sun by starrynightdeancas (Dean/Castiel, PG13)
Amphorae by verdant_fire (Dean/Castiel, R)
hang from my lips (like the gardens of babylon) by jewishdeanwinchester (Dean/Castiel, PG13)
Happiness Is by WordsNeverFailUs (Dean/Castiel, R)
it's in the wanting by fountainfeatherwind (Dean/Castiel, R)

Fanfic: Gen
The Silence of a Summer Morning by wanttobeatree (Sam, Dean, G)
language of the universe by coricomile (Ash, Sam, Dean, G)
gonna buy me an apple-pie life by irreputablyyours (Sam, Dean, G)
i call him angel by spntumblrin2021 (Dean, Cas G)
It's Not Heaven by whelvenwings (Dean, Cas G)
Sowing The Seeds Of... by Hectatess (Dean, Sam, Cas G)
Dean & Cats: Through The Years (Part 1) by smmmm (Dean, Mary, G)

Fanfic: RPF
Three Long Mountains and a Wood by phoenix1966 (J2, NC17)
Every Breath You Take (I‘ll be watching you) by merenwen76 (J2, NC17)
Two Worlds Collide by cyncitymojo, Jld71 (J2, NC17)
Slower, slower (we don't have time for that) by samshinechester (J2, R)
Fake it Till You Make it by maynara (J2, R)
Roll the Dice by mangacat (J2, NC17)

Wincest art by itou63630291
Wincest art by itou63630291
Wincest art by itou63630291
Wincest art by itou63630291
Jensen Ackles art by itou63630291
Art Post for ‘Two Worlds Collide’ written by Jld71 and CynCityMojo by TheGreenestGreenToEverGreen
Springfling gift for sonofabiscuit77 by Quickreaver
Little Sammy Drawing by your-jellyfish-prince
Handprint Dean
SamDoodle by twollaneroads
just a couple of dudes being guys by tgtbata
Chibi's by Pensan
May the Fourth be With You by Kamidiox
Star Wars Sam and Dean by Kamidiox
Carry on, my wayward son by artsy_with_viki
Dean by jamborae
Drowning by jamborae
Demon Dean by jamborae
I've Got You Cas by serafire
happy birthday dean <3 by sydlesticks
Dean doesn’t mind being tied applepiesandtanthighs
Supernatural by gabrielaabdo6
Cas in snow by amiination

Fan Edits
DEAN WINCHESTER as Han Solo fanart by PATRI-CK
J2 by smutslut5
I'm gonna be pissed by __maryam_hasan___
Happy Winter J2 by NatalieTaran
She's All Yours by nmo1967
From Baby to Daddy by AcklesDamn
NSFW twink wincest manip by smutslut
J2 by NatalieTaran

Just 'Cause by raloria
Just 'Cause by raloria

supernatural but instead of carry on my wayward son, it's cotton eye joe by CASERAPHlM
We miss you Jared by softreverie
anyway stan belphegor by calamitysong
supernatural but instead of carry on my wayward son, it's cotton eye joe: s8 edition by CASERAPHlM
All my livin time (Times Dean in heaven) by DevilFara Ackles

SPN Con Panel Saturday - Every Saturday at 5PM PST by raloria
Panel - Con-Tinual looks at Supernatural's mother figures for Mother's Day
Radio Company Vol 2! A Look Back at Steve Carlson and Jensen Ackles’ Musical History

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