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Edition 4,837

Baby goes to Prom posted at Iola Register
TV Guide Magazine to Release ‘Supernatural Forever’ Special Collector’s Edition posted at Nerds and Beyond
Austin-based star of Supernatural takes on new role — startup investor posted at Austin Culture Map
Jared's HBD Wish for Sam in Metro Santa Cruz posted by Metro Santa Cruz
SPN Parallels posted in Reddit
Supernatural Star Jared Padalecki's Failed Young MacGyver Spinoff Explained posted at Screen Rant
Jared Posts About the Special Edition TV Guide to Twitter at Jared's Twitter
Jensen Posts About the Special Edition TV Guide to Instagram at Jensen's Instagram
Kripke talks about Jensen/Soldier Boy in TV Line

Looking For Writers and Artists at smpc

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Welcome to Middle Age by alltheshrinks (NC-17)
Beautiful Stranger by SinnamonSpider (NC-17)
Let 'Em On In by scippy (R)
Alpha and Omega by writethelifeyouwant (NC-17)
the whole weak-in-the-knees, tattoo-you-on-my-chest thing by easycurez (PG-13)
Queen City of the Hudson by scippy (PG-13)
And one to grown on by writeinthesecrettrees (NC-17)
five times Dean tries to convince Sam to let him go and fails, and the one time he's successful by staubfingers (NC-17)
glitter and seltzer by IndridGrey (PG-13)
Demi-Gods and Hungry Ghosts by venhedish (NC-17)
No Quarter by redmyeyes (NC-17)
Some Starless Night (Love May Come an’ Tap You on the Shoulder) by Prince_of_Elsinore (R)
any weight beyond your own by flownwrong (NC-17)
Gently, a peck by GhostlyVoid (PG-13)
Now Lie I Like a King by interstitial (NC-17)
Tug of War by IndridGrey (NC-17)
Matter of Fact, It's All Dark by soulless_puppy (R)
Bruised Bloody Broken ~ Part 4 ~ Brothers by BruisedBloodyBroken (PG-13)

Fanfic: Other Slash
And This, Your Living Kiss by opal_bullets (Dean/Castiel; R)
3:10 To Purgatory by spnredemption (Dean/Castiel; R)
The Least Bad Option by thestoryinsideme (Dean/Castiel; R)
So Says The Sword by komodobits (Dean/Castiel; NC-17)
The Long, Dark Night of the Soul by tiptoe39 (Dean/Castiel; PG-13)
For Lack of a Better Word by pantheon_of_discord (Dean/Castiel; NC-17)
Qualia by imogenbynight (Dean/Castiel; R)

Fanfic: Gen
Cooking Up Trouble by theymp (PG-13)

Fanfic: RPF
Oops, I Did It Again by rockondean (Jared/Jensen; PG-13)
Supreme Alpha Time Stamp - You Can Never Go Back by scully2066 (Jared/Jensen; R)
Supreme Alpha by Scully2066 (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)
Alpha by kelios (Jared/Jensen; PG-13)
Prove You Love Me by Sammydeangurl80 (Jared/Jensen; PG-13)
Lavender Is Not The Only Color by smackthedevil (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)

Priest costumed Winchesters by yura_taka
Sam and Fushigidane by maru
NSFW blindfolded Dean by A Biting Smile
So Limber by A Biting Smile
Sam's gentle and strong spirit by Ca
supernatural sketches by CatCurl
Happy Birthday Sam! by maru
Happy Birthday Sammy! !! !! !! by Ca
D "My younger brother has grown up!" by hyaku_711
In honor of Sam Winchester’s 38th birthday by lacey__rae
Old man Sam i miss you by Gigi Stab
“RUN! 2021.” by remy d
HBD Sam baby! by Papa Frita (Meli)
Birthday boy by reissser
Sam and Dean by pop_cosmic
Fantasy au Witch!Cas Hunter!Dean 404dumbitchby
Happy birthday Sam! by elam0318
"Dean Winchester" 2021 Acrylic on Canvas by pratigya_berwal
"Whisper" Digital painting of Dean and Cas by scarlettdixonart
This isn’t funny anymore give him back by ravendraw_3
I FORGOT by amiination
Sorry Sammy... by 392_mikuni
Quick Jensen Sketch by angie_clover_drawings
Big Bang pinch hitter by frankiecarreno
You are not supposed to be here by madikats_vision
drawing of young Jensen by ksenia_klishina
Humans, monsters, even angels, are insects, atoms, compared to us. by artsy_with_viki
Brokebacknatural by flowerdrawing23
emojis from the ProfoundBond Discord by cryptomoonart
Family Don't End in Blood! by cryptomoonart
quick Winchesters by jamborae
when endverse forces me to draw their horny fantasies by sydlesticks
Charcoal sketch from Dead in the Water by jamborae
Old drawing #3 by serafire

Team Free Will by Natalie Weiss
Nice to See You by septembersghost
Shhh by TravelIerInTime
Sam, Dean and Baby by supernatural__tv
Even the Devil was once an angel by _team.winchester_
Sam Birthday Cake by _huntersspn_
Beautiful and bloody Jared by j2.lovemoose
Jensen with wings and halo by vigilantedean
This is super cute sam and dean by spnsammygorl
May the Fourth be with you boys by _team.winchester_
Sam - I'm OK by J2.LOveMoose
Dean edits by _team.winchester_
Sam with wings and Halo by vigilantedean

HashtagHappyBirthdaySamWinchester Trends on TikTok posted on Tik Tok
Happy birthday to my favorite character ever by samiferss
HAPPY CLAIRE NOVAK! by rockgirl_story_editor
Demon dean fan art
AU without hunting, where Sam and Dean are FBI agents with unusual interest. by altanka.edit
Hang on for the ride by spn_girl4life
Jared always understood the assignment by the_elliot_emerson
season 15 Sam served by the_elliot_emerson
Happy birthday to Sam f*cking Winchester by the_elliot_emerson
Supernatural will you remember me for centuries. by Marcela11
Happy Birthday Sam by exlwhstr
Sam Birthday video by altanka.edit

Mod Post posted at spn_bigpretzel
April Fic Round Up posted at sn_specials
10the Spring Fic Exchange posted at spn_bigpretzel
Merch: SPN TV Guide Special
Supernatural: Progressively Harder Sam Winchester Quiz - Which Question Will You Fail? posted at What Culture

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