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Walker star Jared Padalecki on how his new character differs from Sam on Supernatural
Supernatural's Jared Padalecki shares his reaction to the 'tragic' and 'optimistic' finale
Matt Barr Teases What We'll See From Prankster Jared Padalecki In Walker's Gag Reel
Supernatural: Everyone Who Drove The Impala
Walker episode 8 return date hopes for Jared Padalecki, cast

Wincest REverse Bang Art Previews are LIVE! by bluefire986

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Pushing Buttons by travellerintime (Sam/Dean, R)
desire, like a monster by hathfrozen(Sam/Dean, NC17)
Stranded & Stressed by waywardsonwinchester67 (Sam/Dean, R)
houses swallowed by the earth, windows thick with frost by monsterq (Sam/Dean, NC17)
desire, like a monster by hathfrozen(Sam/Dean, R)

Fanfic: Other Slash
Wayward Daughters by Hellstarshipper (Dean, Caroline Donovan PG13)

Fanfic: RPF
Shout My Name (at heaven's gate) Chapter 18: Dear Mr. Jim Beaver by roxymissrose (J2, R)
One Night with the Shifter by tammyrenh in spn_meanttobe (J2,R)
Just Kisses by taiyou_nii_chan (J2, R)

Salt & Burn This Podcast:2 ladies chat about the TV show that took them from work-friends to actual friends.
Happy Friday! A rec post?! 2 years later?! by enablelove

Castiel - Quick practice on Painter 12 by petite_madame aka petite-madame
Or What? You’ll Eat Us? by thursdxyangel
Your God by pepegle
Through the Glass by David Deb
Because I could not stop for Death by ctylerart
welcome to the jungle by jaunty-eyepatch
Blue suit twins Cockles by castielsgal
Dean sketch by Alexandra Shvetsova
But Dean by Andrey Kamenov
Sam & Dean Winchester by Earl Vengua
Season 15 by Anastasia Goldyn
Demon Dean vs Sam by elam0318
Jack by _lauraology_
I never told you what I do for a living by hardcoremisery
Living With Demons I’ve Mistaken for Saints by cryptidmax
Gun by kingbirdkathy
Wonder (3-D Art) by phoenix1966
Sam, Cas, Dean by fan-arter
Samifer, Dean, Cas by cypjj
Sam, Cas, Dean by gracequestionmark

[Podfic] Where the Bodies Are Buried | By road_rhythm
ladygizarme (Sam/Dean, R)
Close Call Manip by travellerintime
Dean Edit by vigilantedean
Wrestle Your Deanmons by _winchester_brothers_memes_

Kim Rhodes Has a TikTok AU Starring her 'Suite Life' and 'Supernatural' Characters (Video)
Sam by winchesterslend
Supernatural ✘ Glitter & Gold by EmmaEdits
Rowena - Ex's and Oh's by AngelDove
Sam and Dean - Everyday SuperHero by AngelDove
Sam & Dean Art Video by jjpadtk
Sam Art video by jjpadtk

SPN Con Panel Saturday by raloria
OMG You Shot Your Brother! Supernatural 1.10 Asylum by fangasm
Supernatural: You'll Never Get 100% On This Bobby Singer Quiz
Celebrating Supernatural – A Chat with Director Guy Bee by fangasm
Happy Birthday Danneel Ackles! by fangasm
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    News Batman: The Long Halloween Drops New Image of Ackles' Dark Knight, Rivera's Catwoman 'The Boys' Season 3: First Look at Jensen Ackles as…

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    News The Boys Season 3: Everything We Know at The Cinemaholic Who REALLY Killed Mary Winchester - Lucifer Or Chuck? at Screen Rant ‘Supernatural…

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