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Mod Post: Updated SPN Newsletter FAQ

Now that the show is over, we are looking to boost any and all SPN fandom creations. This FAQ is to help you, as the people creating the various contributions, and us, as the people who bring those contributions to the fandom at large.

Please take five minutes to review this post and look over the different points.

Please DO NOT leave any links to submissions here. They WILL NOT be gathered and added to an edition. Read the post and find out where they go.

Podfic/Podbook makers Please be aware that those submissions fall under the requirements for regular fiction now. Read over that section to familiarize yourself with what's all included with that to be included in the newsletter.

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When you crosspost links please link to the post of the actual work. If we have to look for your contribution, we won't link it so it doesn’t delay our coding.

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Both PCA rockin'

Edition 4,872

Misha Collins, Nathan Fillion, Hilarie Burton Morgan and More Join New Podcast Drama ‘Bridgewater’
Tickets on Sale for Creation Entertainment’s Vancouver ‘Supernatural’ Convention
Sunday vibes. on Jensen's IG
He’s not taking the hint that it’s playtime. on Genevieve's IG
BCTV Daily Dispatch 25 July 2021: Community Minded; Walker/SPN Reunion
'Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two' Cast Tease Changes From Comic

Last day to SPLAT! posted in spn_bigpretzel

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Only an Hour (Sam/Dean, NC17) by viciousone
At Pleasure (Sam/Dean, NC17) by DirtyCoffey
My Script's Been Rearranged (Sam/Dean, PG13) by Zetal (Rodinia)
Aftermath (you must be messed up, too) (Sam/Dean, R) by Irisuchan
Sam's feelings (Hanahaki) (Sam/Dean, G) by Naquar
Coitus Joinus (Sam/Dean, NC17) by TheTruthBetween
Big Love (Sam/Dean/Castiel, NC17) by Anonymous

Fanfic: Gen
The Dean Winchester Guide to Fitness (Dean, Sam, G) by dizzojay
Perfect Vessels (Sam, Dean, Michael, Lucifer, PG13) by NovaNara
Passenger (Dean, Sam, G) posted by summergen_mod for lennelle
Winchester Walk (Sam, Dean, Mary, PG13) by theymp
Together (Dean, Sam, G) posted by summergen_mod for zara_zee
no ghosts (Dean, Claire, R) by Anonymous
adam milligan's final straw (starring michael's Baby Shark obsession) (Michael/Adam, G) by SuccumbToFiesta
Casey (Sam, Dean, G) by senpaisatanwolnot
Adventures on the AlCan (Castiel, Sam, Dean, G) by glasssmoothie

Fanfic: Dean/Castiel
A Piece of Cas (Dean/Castiel, R) by Dragonwithatale
The pack (Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel, R) by MerceAramayo
Between Love and Agony (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by Duckyboos
Dragon Hunt (Dean/Castiel, R) by peanutbutterjelly-pie (Aleakim)
Rival Tattoos (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by Writelikethat
Welcome to Supernatural (Dean/Castiel PG13) by TheUltimateSandwich
Time Stamp #1 (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by SomethingBlue42
we're going to be okay (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by Effff
Indiana Jones (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by all-or-nothing-baby (BundleOfSoy)
You Made My Daisy (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by VeeTheRee
The Perks of Being an Omega (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by Kleineganz
oh sweet time (Dean/Castiel NC17) by successsionhbo
The leaning tower of cake (Dean/Castiel G) by Emeraldcas

Fanfic: RPF
The Devil’s Bargain (J2, NC17) by TammyRenH
All I See Is Magic (Complete) (J2, NC17) by KissingWinchesters
Home Again (J2, NC17) by timehasa_way
Forever (J2, PG13) by Aelia1980

Fanfic: Other Slash
worship of a false idol (Anna Milton/Ruby, NC17) by sacrsanct
Crowley, King of Hell (Dean/Crowley, NC17) by DrScotthew

Mr April, by Elizah Jane (podfic) (J2, G) by cookiemom6067
Living in Lucid Dreams, by hildigunnar (podfic) (J2, NC17) by cookiemom6067
The Silver Ring, A Most Curious Tale in Six Parts, by cormallen (podfic) (J2, NC17) by cookiemom6067
Cosmos 1; Jared 0, by Chash (podfic) (J2, PG13) by cookiemom6067
Get Me Some Pie, Bitch! by diabolical22(podfic) (Sam/Dean, PG13) by cookiemom6067
Long Term Consequences, by Oscared (podfic) (Sam, Dean, G) by cookiemom6067
Warm Strangers, by extraonions (podfic) (Sam, Dean, G) by cookiemom6067
Warm Strangers (Next of Kin remix) by Dira Sudis (podfic) (Sam, Dean, Bobby, PG13) by cookiemom6067

Artistic Fanworks
Warrior Sam Winchester by kleinmeli
Castiel by byalizeya
Adam Milligan by swisidniak
Wild Wild West by kickbeat
NSFW Sam and Dean doing some bullriding by TheFriskyPigeon
a ghost in the woods by ultraterrestrialism
take this cas and go by serenagiti
unintended crash landings by angelofwine_art
I fell in love again by rossomash
dean winchester by jesskharris
bloody dean by pizzadragons
Winning by jensen_ackleholics
Dean as Linguini, Ratatouille by vigilantedean
Sam as Flynn, Tangled by vigilantedean
Always Keep Fighting by hollyjwilson2
When it was clear by multifan_impala
Samulet in the rain by deanlocked
Boa noite hunters by dean_winchester.ofc
Jack got up so early by f_f_frozen_lemonade
Hugged someone who wasn’t Dean Winchester today. by masivart
Rowena by lola
Lil Cas and the Beeline... by gioguiarts
Sextou com "S" by rubianeart
Garth Fitzgerald IV by philchoart
King Winchester by kleinmeli
Demonic by angelofwine_art
dean winchester by j2.lovemoose
Jared Padalecki by j2.lovemoose
samwinchester by j2.lovemoose
Sam forever seeing the best in Dean by spnfamilyedits
Favorite Sam Winchester by armellin_art
Always Keep Fighting For Jared by hollyjwilson2
Jensen with cat by JackleJade
Dean Winchester by Frances35752594
AKFILE by Simply jarpad
He's Coming by dewucme
Sam as Flynn, Tangled by vigilantedean
cute Dean in a hoodie by applepiesandtanthighs
Dean Winchester by naskasaw.art
Jared Padalecki by j2.lovemoose
Richchesters by yukimdisot
Bobby Singer by pratigya_berwal
Hunting Time by thek40
Moose & Squirrel by thek40
Dean as Linguini, Ratatouille by vigilantedean

A fan asks J2 about their bucket lists. Jared starts off posted by @soulmates-for-real
Wincest (The beach) by Hydroxed
Young Winchester Vol.1 by opheliadarc_edits
I don’t care by buckys_edits
most attractive siblings by carharttsam
A bi person’s dream by isolatist

Things I Love About Season 1: Skin (Part 1) by fanspired
Morning 5: ‘I ain’t scared of no ghost’
How Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles Approached Voicing Batman For The Long Halloween Movies
Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One review
Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One review

Edition, 4,871

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two | Comic-Con@Home 2021 at Comic-Con International
Petition: Get wax figures for Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles at Wax Museum

SPN Name That Cap Challenge 7 - Day 70 posted by raloria
Only 4 days left posted in spn_bigpretzel
Everyone should DEW it posted in spn_bigpretzel

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
In Sanguine Vita Est (Sam/Dean, NC17) by Venhedish
The Case of the Haunted Gingerbread House (Sam/Dean/Castiel, NC17) by wrenseroticlibrary_archivist
when you’re far away, I still feel it all the same (Sam/Dean, NC17) by RatFlavored
exit light (Sam/Dean, R) by chinablue
Sleeping Beauty (Sam/Dean, PG13) by raving_liberal
Fetch (Sam/Dean, NC17) by EnInkahootz
Road Trip (Sam/Dean, G) by giacinta2
Pour Some Sugar On Me (Sam/Dean, NC17) by wrenseroticlibrary_archivist

Fanfic: Gen
subject and object (Sam/Dean, G) For caranfindel, by summergen_mod
Big South (Dean, Sam, G) for amberdreams by by summergen_mod
Unlikely Friends (Sam, Dean, G) by QueerMozzarellaStick
We Can Save Her (Dean, Sam, Azrael, R) by LaumathefirstFae
What Lasts (Dean, Sam, R) by deadlybride
One Cat And Sick Dean (Dean, Sam, G) by Liloxina

Fanfic: RPF
Waiting On The Right Time Ch 4 (J2, PG13) by KassandraScarlett
A Long Walk to A Broken Heart (J2, PG13) by FortunateM

Fanfic: Dean/Castiel
Alive (At All Costs) (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by professorandre1228
Thankful for Burgers (Dean/Castiel, G) by wrenseroticlibrary_archivist
let's wander (til the fuckers demand an encore) (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by besully (Briar_Elwood)
Save Me (Dean/Castiel, R) by ads1008
Love is too complicated when you’re alive (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by M00n_phases
Give him the real thing (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by hazel_eyed_bi
Dean Winchester's Guide to Romance (The Best Friend Edition) (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by 98charliee
The One Where Cas Gets New Rope (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by HolyFuckingHell

Fanfic: Big Bangs
The Long Road Home (Sam/Dean, NC17) by sylsdarkplace, art by TxDorA
The Winchester Myth (Sam, Dean, Bobby, G) by Fledhyris, art by MidnightSilver
Love in the Time of Revolution (J2, NC17) by firesign10, art</a> by Banbury

Fanfic: Other Slash
Meadow (Anna Milton/Mary Winchester PG13) by hellersangels

Charlie is Love by pratigya_berwal
Dracula by Kickbeat
Space Impala by Kickbeat
Death by swisidniak
Team Free Will calendar cover by thefriendlypigeon
portrait of Bobby by thefriendlypigeon
John was a crappy father by pratigya_berwal
Amy Madison by philchoart
Benny by pratigya_berwal
"jensen ackles singing eye of the tiger sitting on top of the impala by serenagiti
Thank You for 15 Seasons! by angelofwine_art
Balthazar by philchoart
Claire Novak by philchoart
Missouri Moseley by philchoart
eternal Samuel by caroldiasart
Gravedigging by angelofwine_art
Soldier Boy marker + coloured pencil drawing! by quelchii
Dean Winchester by armellin_art
Banquet by armellin_art
misha collins by jjpadtk
contents by frankiecarreno
How quickly it all ended ... by _intenberg_
Come on,grab your friends it’s SUPERNATURAL TIME! by thekao
Oh the guy who fights the devil by by tuliomarquessouza
Crysanthemum: Loyalty, honesty, devoted love, death. by lizlee_ships
gotta look out for each other by dadhuntingtrip
Jensen by JackleJade
Cas feeding Sam with angel blood... by parklesS_dosik
Destiel by sacramental.sister
dean winchester by frankiecarreno
Supernatural x Attack on titan by drawingangel_666
I lost my shoe :(. by also_garrett
Superstition by Stevie Wonder. by cassettemachine
Deanmon by abaraya_ok
NSFW Ahhk shit-t by _FriskyPigeon
art for "what lasts" by tgtbata
Sam plush by over_cher_ing
a beast by anarusan0308
"Paint me like one of your french girls" by Kamidiox
Sam and Dean by abaraya_ok
Witches on a Mission for de_nugis by summergen_mod

Sam and Dean -- Wincest (One way or another) by Hydroxed
Black Flies | Dean & Cas (AU - To Build A Home) by Alienated
Jared Padalecki • Boyfriend by MysticSwan
The Real Shady by s.eftali
don't we all? you? me? by opheliadarc_edits

Tender hearted sweet Dean by spnfamilyedits
“I’m proud of us” by brittshea28
Loki? Loki! by deanlocked
Home Again by spnfamilyedits
Misha as Loki by vigilantedean

Podfic: Fast Car (So We Can Fly Away), by space-raider182 (Sam/Dean R) by cookiemom6067

Kim (Sam/Dean, NC17) by MelancholyPhoto
Just Cause by raloria
Just Cause by raloria

Ten names Dean Winchester actually would have given his dog (none of which are Miracle)
Jared Padalecki & Wife Genevieve Go for Boat Ride Through the Venice Canals
Jared Padalecki Spotted in Italy with Wife Genevieve During a Birthday Getaway!
Revisiting A Very Supernatural Christmas 14 years later
He’s a Weird, Dorky Little Guy: Our Favorite Character Quirks on ‘Supernatural’
The Best Good Guy-Bad Buy Team-Ups In TV History - At least Supernatural has clearly defined good and bad guys
Supernatural: Jared Padalecki Appreciates BDay Wish; Ackles "Soaring"
SPN Con Panel Saturday - Every Saturday at 5PM PST by raloria
[j²] sunglasses photo op | la 11

Edition 4,870

Jensen Ackles Shares Happy Birthday Wish For Supernatural Co-star Jared Padalecki posted at Comic Book
Supernatural: Jared Padalecki Appreciates BDay Wish; Ackles "Soaring"
Genevieve Padalecki Celebrates Husband Jared Padalecki's 39th Birthday: 'You Are Pure Magic'
Jensen Ackles Shares Happy Birthday Wish For Supernatural Co-star Jared Padalecki
I’m Still Not Over How Supernatural Dropped the Ball With Demon Dean posted at Geek Vibes Nation
Remember that one time Jared Padalecki wore our shirt? Cause I think about it every single day. posted by Texas Humor

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
How The Beach Won (Sam/Dean NC17) by wrenseroticlibrary_archivist
What Is and What Could Never Be (Sam/Dean R) by loveofsonder
you give me miles and miles of mountains (and i ask for the sea) (Sam/Dean R) by thedastardly
Strawberry Blond (Sam/Dean PG13) by thedastardly
Deja Vu (Sam/Dean NC17) by thedastardly
Straight Into the Guts of the Stove (Sam/Dean NC17) by nigeltde
The darkness at the end of the tunnel is worse than the tunnel (Sam/Dean, R) by 347TinaPIsolation
a guide to proper pet care (Sam/Dean/Castiel, NC17) by hellhoundsprey

Fanfic: Dean/Castiel
Romance at the Motel 6 (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by sheila_amour
Death or Delight (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by Depairt
Schemes (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by icarus_fell_in_spring
Say it (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by icarus_fell_in_spring
Ew, Humans (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by wrenseroticlibrary_archivist
Sleep (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by icarus_fell_in_spring
Boo (Dean/Castiel, G) by icarus_fell_in_spring
Another Supernatural Fan-Fiction (Dean/Castiel, R) by maquaronn

Fanfic: Other Slash
Can't stop myself from falling (Sam/Gabriel, PG13) by writers_parry

Fanfic: Gen
Still Driving for julia_sets by Anonymous (M)
Westworld (Dean, Sam, Samuel Colt, G) by deanandsam
Four Phases (Dean, Sam, G) by fascra
A Little Better All the Time (Dean, G) by posingasme

Fanfic: RPF
Need (Jared/Jensen NC17) by kalarella
Il Cielo in Una Stanza (Jared/Jensen NC17) by Venhedish
pancake syrup (Jared/Jensen NC17) by hellhoundsprey
Tattooist of Wolf Pack (Jared/Jensen PG13) by DirtyCoffey

Fanfic: Big Bangs
The Sound of Silence by lullysg with art by blondebitz (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)
Letting Go by jdl71 with art by dwimpala21 (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)

Your insides reek of shame and weakness. by katsidhe
Justice by Skribls
Don’t you know, my son, with how little knowledge the world is ruled? by reiser
I'll give you this star. by Kickbeat
Kevlar by Kickbeat
Pamela Barnes by philchoart
Gabriel by philchoart
This is how I'll remember 2020 by pratigya_berwal
Season 1 vs season 15 by amy_draws_things
Jared sketch by skydevil.drawings
Dean with feather by flameoflove.art
Jared sketches by chinonamida_is
ScoobyNaturall by acklesxunicorn
Dueling angels by angelofwine_art
‘Dean profile sketch’ by ___mermaidseaa
Happy Birthday Jared 🖤 by sh_mitd.art
Dean sketch by otorivanessa
Happy birthday jared padalecki! by kamidiox
Sergeant Winchester from Ninety One Whiskey by scenteddean
Happy birthday Jared Padalecki) craft paper, pastel by tiabogatova1989
sam winchester by serenagiti.art
bloody Dean by serenagiti.art
Jared Sketch by _draw_hale_
Fear by armellin_art
fluffy hair and shiny smile) Jared Padalecki. by ve.rachana
Cas by armellin_art
Jared Drawing by hiddli_pentastache
Happy Birthday!! Jared!! by maru
LovePadalecki by maru
Moose Jared by maru
happy birthday, jarpad! by Quickreaver
JaredLoveDay by Ruby stands with
Fourth of July by Mr.Faith
We love you sunshine! by tkhs55

My man is hot by fluffysupernatural
Jensen as James Dean by j2.lovemoose
shirtless Jared in denim by j2.lovemoose
Regal by pompei_77
Everyone needs an Anti Hero by Dewucme
Dean and Horse by Svetikk._art47
Sam as Thor by vigilantedean

Happy Birthday, Jared Pics by raloria

[Podfic] White Lace and Little Brothers, by dollylux (Sam/Dean, NC17) by RsCreighton

We Love You Jared Padalecki by I Left My Cat On The Stove
Jared Padalecki is fuckin' perfect (HBD JP) by Men of Letters Reports
The Winchesters | One More Light by xXKkxX

Mod Post posted at spn_summergen
BuzzFeed - People Are Sharing The Most Realistic Siblings On TV
Jensen Ackles Shares Happy Birthday Wish For Supernatural Co-star Jared Padalecki
Supernatural: Progressively Harder Winchester Brothers Quiz
Silent auction for a member of SPN Family
Legendary journalist @Bobosphere interrogates Misha mercilessly about my “influence.” by Misha Collins

Before you comment to the newsletter, please make sure you have read the comm userinfo carefully [here].
Both PCA rockin&#39;

Edition 4,869

Garret Dillahunt is not in The Boys S3 but is Jeffrey Dean Morgan?
Richard Speight directs
How The Boys Channelled Supernatural For Jensen Ackles’ First Day On Set
IMDb asks SPNFamily: Why is Supernatural the best show?
We may not be hunting demons, but there’s almost always something… #Supernatural at Dragon Con. Like maybe Mary Winchester?

Spread the word! Promobanners 2021 posted in spn_reversebang

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Hold Me While We Fall (Sam/Dean, NC17) by kelios
My Property (Sam/Dean, NC17) by wrenseroticlibrary_archivist
You Should Probably Leave (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lotrspnfangirl
Wake Up (Sam/Dean, NC17) by Anonymous
A Stained Glass Variation Of The Truth (Sam/Dean, R) by diaryofageekgirl
Hold on (Sam/Dean, G) by LinusOcean
Love's A Loaded Gun (Sam/Dean, NC17) by Moonflower_Rose
The Dean Special (Sam/Dean, NC17) by deaddovedd

Fanfic: Gen
La Belle Français (Dean, Sam, G) by dizzojay
Bon Appétit (Sam, Dean, PG13) by theymp
Winter Grasshoppers (Dean, Sam, Alastair, R) by Edge_of_Clairvoyance
Brother's Keeper (Dean, Sam, Bobby, Castiel, G) by Jadeys_World
Ab-î Hayat (Fountain of Youth) (Sam, Dean, Bobby, R) by melitta4ever
look at me (i exist i exist i exist) (Sam, Dean, Castiel, G) by angelfishofthelord
The Whole Universe (Emma (slice Girls), Dean, Sam, Bobby, G) by thiscowboyisbisexual (NeedsCaffeineRightNow)

Fanfic: Dean/Castiel
The Way the Heart Aches (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by DragonPrism
Gratitude (Dean/Castiel, G) by corneroffandom
your claim on me keeps me breathing (Dean/Castiel, G) by Ender_of_Pathel
You’ve Got Your Finger On The Trigger… (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by wayward_sherlock
Penance (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by AmberXBoone
Platonic, Or Is It? (Dean/Castiel PG13) by Wolfcry22

Fanfic: RPF
The Aftermath! (J2, NC17) by Lady_Red8
Take Me Home (J2, R) by Pineprin137
Always Kiss Me Goodnight (J2, PG13) by Cozy_coffee
Finding My Way Back To You (J2, R) by SaySomethingWitty91
Jensen Untethered (J2, NC17) by JanessaRose
Memento (J2, NC17) by Alltheshrinks
All Alpha! (J2, NC17) by Lady_Red8
Missing You Darling (J2, G) by Sammydeangurl80

Fanfic: Het
Le diner (Crowley/Jody, NC17) by CourtneyAckles

Fanfic: Big Bangs
Less Than Dirt (Sam, Dean, John, R) by ulexite, art by kanicro

Fan Edits
Spn x JJK by deanlocked

Jared as Winter Soldier by Petite Madame
jared as Winter Soldier, Jensen as Cap by Petite Madame
Dean's Weaknesses by Maru
Dinsam by Ca
painting of Jensen as Soldier Boy by JackleJade
Dean drawing by artist_nataly
Anna Milton by philchoart
Gordon Walker by philchoart
Jody Mills by philchoart
You think you're really pretty -I think I'm adorable. by z.art4
Alright so, a demon and an angel walk into a bar— by caduceuzs
squirrelandmoose by binding_lens
Dean & Castiel by wayward.art7
three wonderful characters by bennixalice.art
‘Little Fallen Angel on your Shoulder’ by bennixalice.art
After we kill it, we can go to Disneyland“ ~Sam Winchester... by moony.draws_
Be thankful it was clean underwear, Sammy…. by kamidiox
Season 15 Dean by amy_draws_things
Team Free Will 2.0 by strong_artist96
Adorable picture by quae_temere
Dean 300 by bennixalice.art
"I can't do this alone" by pratigya_berwal
25 days to go by pratigya_berwal
29 days to go by pratigya_berwal
26 days to go by pratigya_berwal
SPOILERS FOR 15x18 by artbycaro.png
Welcome Home, Brother' by bennixalice.art
Work in progress by quelchii

Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson || Love You Or Leave You by AJ 127
supernatural s2 - exit music [faceless pt. 2] by lovesick cowboys
supernatural s1 - out of time [faceless pt. 1] by lovesick cowboys
Jensen Ackles || Photoshoot TV Guide || 2011

Just 'Cause by raloria

10 times Supernatural made us ugly cry
Fans Are Pointing Out Heartbreaking Details About Dean Winchester From 'Supernatural'
The Supernatural Season Season 16 – 10 times made us ugly cry So Far!

Edition 4,868

840 years later we got here right in time to prop her up by jaredpadalecki
Fan photo in Toronto with Jensen by cynthiavaldd
JDM shared video of his daughter Georgie with their duckling
Julian Richings Added to Creation Entertainment’s ‘Supernatural’ Orlando Convention
Creation Entertainment Postpones Toronto ‘Supernatural’ Convention to 2022!
‘Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 2’ Clip “Sofia” Released

Pairing Reveal & 1st Check In posted in wincestbigbang
SPN Name That Cap Challenge 7 - Day 68 posted by raloria
DEW - mon DIEU! posted in spn_bigpretzel
sam dean celebration week September 13-19 at aborddelimpala

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Latham - At The Heart Of It (Sam/Dean, R) by jessie_cristo
hungry til well fed (Sam/Dean, NC17) by sharingflannels
Tomorrow (Sam/Dean, NC17) by raving_liberal
softer, softest (Sam/Dean, NC17) by sisterwound
You Know What We've Got (Sam/Dean, PG13) by musicalgirl4474
Greenwood (Sam/Dean, NC17) by waywardsonwinchester67
Diminute (Sam/Dean, NC17) by LinusOcean
Half a Person (Sam/Dean, R) by loveofsonder
My Brother the Cockblocker (Sam/Dean, NC17) by DirtyCoffey
In a Fix (Sam/Dean, R) by theproblematique
The Mark (Sam/Dean, NC17) by Redgirl_78

Fanfic: Gen
Dean Finds a New Career (Dean, Sam, Castiel G) by motw
Wrath Shall Fall (Sam, Dean, R) by BruisedBloodyBroken
Charm (Dean, Castiel, G) by kekinkawaii
All That Jazz (Dean/Castiel, G) by kekinkawaii

Fanfic: RPF
An Open Conversation (J2, Keegan Allen, R) by Inkevagelion
Lean on me (When You’re not Strong) (J2, R) by Youremyalways
The Mating of Omega Jared! (J2, NC17) by Lady_Red8
Us Against The World (J2, G) by sammy83dean79
Can’t Live Without You! (J2, NC17) by Lady_Red8
Gamma Mine: Always and Forever {re-edited version} (J2, R) by KailyndriaRachelKatz
Finding His Alpha (J2, NC17) by lotrspnfangirl
Scars Left on My Soul (J2, NC17) by atefe_rz

Fanfic: Dean/Castiel
close to what i’m needing (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by deanc0ded
lord, she found me just in time (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by sydneygremlins
a whole new family (Dean/Castiel, G) by livelyvague
Rule Of Three (Dean/Castiel, G) by Azrielle_Jones
Paradise Is in My Hands (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by curlynerd
First Day Jitters (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by expectingtofly
Pair of Gloves (Dean/Castiel, R) by sullivanav2004
Don’t Fear the Reaper (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by KC_Bonneville
All the broken things (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by ForeverFullofLight
Allies (Dean/Castiel NC17) by squirrelofcelestialintent
having dared a holy crime (Dean/Castiel, R) by firstaidkit
the roof at sunset (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by a_good_soldier
Djinn and Tonic (Dean/Castiel, R) by Melanie_Athene

Fanfic: Big Bangs
If At First You Don't Succeed (Sam/Dean, PG13) by Center_of_the_Galaxy, art by amberdreams
Rewrite the Stars (Dean/Crowley, R) by whreflections, art by blindswandive
Before the Waning Moon (Mary, G) by paleogymnast, art by ameraleigh
In the Morning Light Let My Roots Take Flight (J2, PG13) by zubeneschamali, art by cassiopeia7
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (J2, NC17) by herminekurotowa & jdl71, art by emmatheslayer

Fanfic: Other Slash
Jo Harvelle Has Got it Going On (Jo/Bela PG13) by soperiso
The Very Last City (Victor Henriksen/Dean Winchester G) by posingasme

Fanfic: Het
Moving Forward (Jensen/OFC NC17) by Pink_Sparkly_Witch

Jensen as Batman (speed paint) - (2021) by petite_madame
Crazy Cass by teachermacciato
Castiel Told I Love You Gif by teachermacciato
Leviathan And Castiel by teachermacciato
Stigmata Sam by I see light
Dean helping Sam Shave by The good the bad and the heart
Deamon Dean with a Chained Up Sam by MaxKennedy24
Drink, Sammy by cyberdelph
Michael!Dean + Poor, Poor Sam by Malice Perilous (NSFW)
“Who the f**k are you?” by shaartwork
See you on the other side by pratigya_berwal
Becky Rosen by philchoart
Ben Braeden by philchoart
Wyncest is Best by Kamidiox
witchy jack by tgtbata
Sammy by didi_1967
I'm bathed in blood by BO_art_account
Jensen looking fine by JackleJade
Dean and Zepplin the eagle by steve_castiel_
jared puppylecki by Ca_0_Ca
i apologize if my "lettering skills" are "rusty" by buckyneeds
BNW Jensen painting by alisa_in_dreams
BNW Dean by Evan_Illustration
Jensen late night drawing by amethystpagan
Dean Winchester Study Drawing by xgumiho
Dean and Cas 'look' digital art by jjpadtk
Jack with pastels by tiabogatova1989
Dean with Pie drawing by tyjo_draws
Jared in Charcoal by juliemaeartist
BNW Intense Dean by ksenia_klishina
"Dean Winchester: graphite, ink, marker by seanpatrickpence
BNW Sammy by ksenia_klishina
Dean Oil Painting by thewhitewolf69
Dean and Flannel by trenchcoat.ink
S1 Green Eyed Dean by wayward.art7
BNW Jared digital painting by artsy_gene
Jared, Jensen, and Misha by aida._.art_
"Saving People, Hunting Things by mushmoom_artist"
BNW Dean by thirteen_arts
BNW Dean by angelina_lopato40712
House Rules by moony.draws_
Long Haired Jensen and Misha digital art by svetikk._art47
Jody Mills Sketch by pratigya_berwal

Just Cause by raloria
Just Cause by raloria
Just Cause by raloria

20 minute Sam sketch by ve.rachana
Dean Winchester Drawing Video by natanaelf_art
Jack Video by lunarteo
Big Bro Dean Video by waywardstart67
Meet the Family part 4 by supernatural_fan.pg

Impala Edit by spn_family_foreve
Dean Edit by editsbymichele
Soulmate AU: Dean and Cas Edit by deanlocked
Payback: Soldier Boy Edit by voughthq
SPN/The Breakfast Club Edit by prayingtocas
Jared Love Edits by moose_winchester1
SPN X It edit by deanlocked
Cas “Bucky” Novak Winchester with Shield by vigilantedean
Cas “Bucky” Novak Winchester by vigilantedean
Cas “Bucky” Novak Winchester hair by vigilantedean
Belphegor by spnfamilyedits

Download The Essential Supernatural [Revised and Updated Edition]: On the Road with Sam and Dean Winchester By - Nicholas Knight Book
JDM's Season 3 advice to Jensen Ackles: "Don't-f**k it up"
Supernatural: Friendships That Should Have Happened (But Didn't)
SPN Con Panel Saturday - Every Saturday at 5PM PST by raloria
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Edition 4,867

The Boys’ Creator Talks Mind-Blowing Drama Emmy Nom, Season 3’s ‘Supernatural’ Nods
Congrats to @TheBoysTV & @therealKripke by Jensen Ackles
'It’s exceedingly difficult these days to eat on a plane…' on Jared's Twitter
How The Boys Channeled Supernatural for Jensen Ackles' First Day on Set
Misha on the Sorry Not Sorry podcast
Cast of Supernatural with Galaxy Con Live
Kathryn featured by Ralph Lauren

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
i will see your body bare (Sam/Dean R) by angel_passing
Need For Punishment (Sam/Dean NC17) by Ashcat252
Some Things Are Better Left Behind (Sam/Dean R) by kaiein
Only You-Wincest (Sam/Dean R) by Ship_Addict378
At Least There's No Aquatic Snakes (Sam/Dean PG13) by dcjuris
A World In Colour-Wincest (Sam/Dean PG13) by Ship_Addict378

Fanfic: Dean/Castiel
Angelic Intervention (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by starlightoffandoms
every light he cannot see (Dean/Castiel, G) by intothesilentland
THE SKI LODGE - A Farce in Three Parts (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by tess1978
up on melancholy hill (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by lightning_but_in_space
The Adventurous Saga of Castiel and Mathilda (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by yan_deer

Fanfic: Gen
Don't play around with guns (Pastor Jim, PG13) by Meilean
Black Sabbath (Dean, Sam, PG13) by heylookitsMJ
Guard Thee At Rest (Dean, Sam, PG13) by hariboo

Fanfic: Other
There's Something Out There I Can't Resist (Sam/Castiel, NC17) by Zetal (Rodinia)
Accidents (Sam/Spencer Reid, Cast of Criminal Minds, G) by alienspronkles
Fanfic: RPF
Reconstructing Jared (Jared/Jensen R) by SmackTheDevil
The Book (Jared/Jensen NC17) by SmackTheDevil

Fanfic: Big Bangs
We all need a second chance by lia1996 with art by 2blueshoes (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)

Lucky to be alive by vongueby by
Sleep warm by vongue
sam by acesammy
I hope it was his heaven by coastbox
he is the real angel by coastbox
Drawing of Sam by ve.rachana
Dean Winchester by shaartwork
BnW Sam and Dean tarot drawing by tkhs55
Claire Novak by philchoart
Claire Novak by philchoart
Painting of Cas by artbycaro.png
S1/S15 Sam by artbycaro.png
Sam and dean laughing at god while half dead by amy_draws_things
Angel of Thursday by amy_draws_things
Drawing of Jensen by will.a.arte
Jared sketch by anjosdraw
Dean by xfancyfranart
Sam painting by anastacy.art
Season 1 Sam Winchester by amy_draws_thingsq
Dean Winchester by pratigya_berwal
Dean Winchester 2 by pratigya_berwal
The Road So Far by anndelart
alexander calver by pop_cosmic
Jared by pop_cosmic
Family Business by brooklynn.likes.art
Jensen as Soldier Boy with The Seven by kayemagistro
Jensen, colored pencils by shr2da1
Supercharged Rowena trying to take on Billie by angelofwine_art
DEAN WINCHESTE by albaalcaraz_cupcanvas
Dean and Castiel by b.s.unknown
Cas in the blood series by lheartcas
once upon a time there were 2 brothers against the forces of evil by anthony_saeba
Chuck and Dean by annanuta7

Dean ‘Cap’ Winchester! by vigilantedean
Endlessly by spnfamilyedits
young sam winchester by j2.lovemoose
Baby and Footprints by deanlocked

Pocast: ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ Episode Featuring Misha Collins Out Now at Nerds and Beyond

Four More Minutes by daencqs

‘Leverage: Redemption’: Will Mark Sheppard’s Sterling Be in the Revival?
‘House Of Wax’ Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Review
Supernatural Quiz: Who Said It To Dean Winchester?
Artworks wanted at The Big Splat

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Edition 4,866

‘The Boys’ Launches The Vought News Network To Set Up ‘Those Fair And Balanced Patriots’ In Season 3
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment -Comic-Con@Home!

Artist Claims are now OPEN! posted in wincestbigbang
Date Claims! posted in sn_specials

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Within His Power (Sam/Dean, Jack, PG13) by ficforthought
(If) It's Going to End Badly (Sam/Dean, R) by Anonymous
Now what? (Sam/Dean, NC17) by FantasticalMusical
Let Me Take Care Of You (Sam/Dean, NC17) by wrenseroticlibrary_archivist
Whiskey Kissed (Sam/Dean, NC17) by wrenseroticlibrary_archivist
Triptych (Sam/Dean, R) by monsterq
Sam Winchester and the Fourth Horsecock of the Apocalypse (Sam/Dean, NC17) by casey679

Fanfic: Gen
Message In A Bottle (Dean, Sam, PG13) by wrenseroticlibrary_archivist
My Peace I Give Unto You (Dean, Sam, Castiel, G) by KatsukiSin
Collateral Demons (Crowley, PG13) by theymp
Strip Poker (Dean, Crowley, G) by dizzojay

Fanfic: Dean/Castiel
Building a Memory (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by Tennyo
the girl I love she got (long) black wavy hair (Dean/Castiel, R) by ailaik0
Begging Til My Knees Bled (Dean/Castiel, R) by IAmSorry__sendmeaprompt
Tequila! (Dean/Castiel, Jack PG13) by Fae_Fiction
Childhood Dreams (Dean/Castiel, R) by seidenapfel
A Thousand Miles From the End (Dean/Castiel PG13) by AstridThorn
Big Magic (Dean/Castiel, G) by bshmatthews
Hot Chocolate to Sooth Your Soul (Dean/Castiel, R) by Insanefangirl
if there were any more left of me i'd give it to you (Dean/Castiel PG13) by athenaeums

Fanfic: RPF
Father Jared and Investigator Jensen (J2, R) by DirtyCoffey
Lullaby (J2, NC17) by anniespinkhouse
nothing on my tongue but hallelujah (J2, Alexander Calvert, NC17) by Tintentrinkerin
The Name's Ackles...Jensen Ackles. (J2, NC17) by Saltandburnboys
Jensen Ackles Sleeps Naked (J2, NC17) by littlefirefly31
Mr. Ackles, Jensen, Jenny, Jen (J2, NC17) by rei_c
A Film By Jensen Ackles (J2, NC17) by im_using_my_made_up_name
The Relaxation of Jensen Ackles (J2, R) by Polly_Phemus
The Turning of Jensen Ackles (J2, NC17) by littlefirefly31
Damage Control Jensen Ackles Style (J2, NC17) by TiffanyC1
The Death of Jensen Ackles (J2, PG13) by james
The Epic Obliviousness of Jensen Ackles (J2, PG13) by juice817
The Homosexual Education of Jared Padalecki (J2, NC17) by RenjiFan
Can't you see we're meant to be: Frankie the Turtle remixed (J2, G) by kelios
The Mating of Omega Jared! (J2, NC17) by Lady_Red8

Fanfic: Other Slash
Sugar, Won’t You Stay Awhile? (Benny/OMC R) by queerartist101
It’s Good To Be King (Sam/Dean/Castiel, NC17) by wrenseroticlibrary_archivist

Fan Edits
Dean ‘Cap’ Winchester 1 by vigilantedean
Dean ‘Cap’ Winchester 2 by vigilantedean
jared as snake plissken by j2.lovemoose
jared as the witcher by j2.lovemoose
Dean Manip by _huntersspn_
Meet Milo by enigma_lapis
Dean + Bugs Bunny references by aborddelimpala

sketch of Jared by ve.rachana
One concerned young man with an outdated flip phone by ve.rachana
Omundsun painting by pop_cosmic
JDM by pop_cosmic
Ruthie by pop_cosmic
Richard Speight Jr by pop_cosmic
Young Jensen graphic by JackleJade
happy 42th birthday Dean by artbycaro.png
goodbye post to Dean by artbycaro.png
young dean winchester fanart on the road with the impala67 by artstuffsteph
Insane' is kind of what we do by elena.s_artworks
Jensen Ackles & Ruth Connell by art.ist.margo
Jensen Sketch by vinnu__shriram
Samwena by f_f_frozen_lemonade
Jensen Ackles digital by usernameathruz
revenge (?) success by shaartwork
Season 1 vs season 15 Dean by amy_draws_things
Season 15 sam by amy_draws_things
Black and white Dean Winchester by will.a.arte
Jensen Ackles by maaassha
Jensen painting by flameoflove.art
Jensen drawing by claritzairosario
Jensen drawing on toned paper by isamoreo
"Hello, Dean" by xfancyfranart
Lisa Braeden by philchoart
Crowley by philchoart
Rufus Turner by philchoart
shirtlessfirewingedagainstawall by gioguiarts
Terminado by alec_art22
SPN fanart by rebelflet
Sam Winchester by fleethall
Death Lingers Near by beccj
innocent lighting practice by zartbitter-salat
Sam - “Supernatural” by tremendouslyspeedywolf
Gripped you tight and raised you from perdition by teachermacchiato
“I love you”what a beautiful sentence by teachermacchiato

Just 'Cause by raloria

Supernatural: 10 Things The Characters Wanted In Season One That Came True By The Finale
Supernatural Or The Vampire Diaries Quiz: Who Am I - Dean Winchester Or Damon Salvatore?
Supernatural: Every Hunter Who Turned Into A Monster (Including Dean)
Why Jacob From Lost Looks So Familiar
10 Actors Known For Being Super Nice On Set

Edition 4,865

Do I call an exterminator or get a pet license? by Jared
Wondering What to Watch? Try This.. by Jensen on Instagram
Jensen Ackles and More To Appear on ‘Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two’ Comic-Con@Home 2021 Panel
Creation Entertainment’s Salute to ‘Supernatural’ D.C. Back on Sale for 2022
New ‘Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two’ Photos Released
The Supernatural Prequel: What We Know, And Why Jared Padalecki Was 'Gutted'

Story Summaries are HERE posted in wincestbigbang
SPN Name That Cap Challenge 7 - Day 67 posted by raloria

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
In Spite of the Teeth (Sam/Dean, NC17) by winsive
Scary Just Got Sexy (Sam/Dean, NC13) by myshamefulsinbin
I Love You/Too (Sam/Dean, G) by Sam_In_Secret
The Lost Boys (Sam/Dean, NC17) by genevra1676
If you leap I'll come falling too (Sam/Dean, PG13) by anya_ackles
Brighter Wound (Sam/Dean, NC17) by thedastardly
Stolen Secret (Sam/Dean, NC17) by EnInkahootz
From the Perspective of Others (Sam/Dean, R) by Annabelle_W

Fanfic: Gen
Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That (Dean, Sam, John G) by posingasme
We’ve Suffered Enough (Sam, Dean, G) by 015wayward_winchester
Death, Guilt, and Drinking. The Three Qualities Of Dean Winchester (Sam, Dean, R) by Yourlocalheterophobe
Decade (Sam, Dean, Bobby, John G) by DebSarcasticPlight
How Could I Do That? (Sam, Dean, G) by Local_spnfan
The Rookie (Sam, Dean, OFC, G) by theOCqueen

Fanfic: RPF
My Sunshine (J2, Chad/Jared PG13) by jarackles
Us Against The World (J2, G) by sammy83dean79
Rock Bottom (J2, NC17) by GreenQueen86
Can’t Live Without You! (J2, NC17) by Lady_Red8
Sidetracked (J2, NC17) by hellhoundsprey
Quartet for a Haunting (J2, R) by tsukinobara
They try to pull me away; they don't know the truth... (J2, NC17) by Sanshal

Fanfic: Dean/Castiel
Flight Risk with a Fear of Falling (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by Nayeliq1
Kiss Me in the Bread Aisle (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by eemwrites
Can’t Catch a Break Because People Keep Trying to Kill Us (Typical) (Dean/Castiel, R) by Insanefangirl
Sweet Surrender (Dean/Castiel, Dean/Benny R) by MayRaven1798
Dinner and a Show (Dean/Castiel, R) by captcas
Kärlek (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by miglika
i'll believe you if it makes me feel something (Dean/Castiel, R) by iceberry, pippuri
Stay, but let it go. (Dean/Castiel, G) by AmANdaLUA
flowers drying on the dresser (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by rosietoesies
Only Human (15x18 fix-it) (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by wannabeecas
Calm Before The Storm (Dean/Castiel NC17) by SpreadYourWings
to try without you (Dean/Castiel, G) by youlostpleiad
Fanfictionland (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by BENKA79
The one with the jellyfish (Dean/Castiel, G) by Gays4ever
Contingency (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by Cheerful_Shinigami
The Whole Story (Dean/Castiel, PG13) by blackblueberries
We'll Find A Way (We Always Do) (Dean/Castiel PG13) by xanthomonus
The Ties That Bind (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by DeansGirlSOB
Eat You Up (Dean/Castiel, NC17) by LicieOIC

Fanfic: Big Bangs
Their Bruises On The Inside (Sam/Dean, NC17) by runedgirl, art by midnightsilvers
Rock Bottom (J2, NC17) by greenqueen86, art by emmatheslayer
BELOW THE WELLSPRING (J2, NC17) by enteselene, art by ameraleigh

Fanfic: Other Slash
On Call (Castiel/Benny/Dean NC17) by DarkwingDukat (pushingcrazies)
his (Dean/John NC17) by housewifedean
Cinders (Sam/Castiel, G) by posingasme
Road to Perdition (Dean/Lucifer R) by all_the_kings_ham
The Favor (Sam/Gabriel, NC17) by CertainlyHeisenberg

Fanfic: Het
Memories of us (Dean/OFC NC17) by SPN_dreamer

First-Time Wincest Fest: A Supplementary Reclist by kirathehyrulian

“It’s gonna be okay, Sammy. by slashxhimura
Promarkers by LevityDoesArt
Rain Sam Winchester by petiteallemande
bitterness becomes a way of life by rex-daemoniorum
I'm the Bad Guy...Duh by tarantula-teeth
I'm working on it, Sam! by mayventura_art
Wendigo by mayventura_art
"Son, when you grow up would you be the savior of the broken the beaten, and the damned? by mayventura_art
Doodleing DND Dean by mayventura_art
"Why the f*** is this glowing for?" by mayventura_art
Winchester kiddos ready for a Lovecraftian summer camp by mayventura_art
mask by mayventura_art
rewind by mayventura_art
single man tear by mayventura_art
first page of LOVECRAFT CAMP by mayventura_art
Don't look at me lile that! by fur_immer_96
Gadreel!Sam by fur_immer_96
Yeah, you're Batman by fur_immer_96
Carnaval by mayventura_art
drawing--->Supernatural by natisdraws
Season 1 Dean by amy_draws_things
would you like to know what heaven looks like? by mayventura_art
Dean as Nate from Uncharted! by applepiesandtanthighs
I'm here, Dea by flameoflove.art
reimagined end of 15x18 in a comic style by caduceuzs
Starry Night, Winchester Style by Diminuel
Dean on the phone by jjpadtk
A(h)men by lheartcas
Jensen drawing by supernotok.art
Screaming Jensen art by salvo_dynasty_
Dean cooking for Sammy by diminuel
Dean and Baby by vadimbykovets
Dean Winchester by pop_cosmic
Smiling Dean by wayward.art7
Sam Drawing by anastacy.art
dean painting by anastacy.art
Dean, please. by by hakumi_gg
Eileen Leahy by philchoart
Team Free Will by Convenient
witchy rowena by f_f_frozen_lemonade
Demon Dean by hakumi_gg
Jared in the Garden by Maru
The bug whisperer by Maru
Date?!? by Maru
Winchester brothers and Baby by Kageshinii
Wincest sketch by Anonymous
Sammy, let it go. by special_spn
socialite Sam/ Dean by unburnable123
end end real end by parklesS_dosik
Sam Drawing by shaartwork
Season 1 Dean Sam by shaartwork
Winchesters in the bunker by catcurl

Fan Edits
Jensen City Grown Willow edit by editsbymichele
Happy Friday Jensen edit by editsbymichele
Are you crazy? by editsbymichele
The tv show incarnations of Dean by spnangelsz
The deepest secrets by editsbymichele
Ghost Cas AU by Deanlocked
Sam as Thor, final by vigilantedean
Sam as Thor by vigilantedean
Where are the Sam girls? by spnfamilyedits
Just because by demondeanxo
Sam edit by j2.lovemoose

[Podfic] The Old Man of Peru | by De_Nugis (Dean/Sam PG13) by Tipsy_Kitty

Just Cause by raloria
Just Cause by raloria

Blessed 45 by Jackson Taylor

your everyday demons...are they contagious? by Salt & Burn This Pod
2x03 - "ʙʟᴏᴏᴅʟᴜꜱᴛ" by spnontherocks

Supernatural: 10 Questions About Dean Winchester, Answered
9 Sterling K. Brown Roles You Don’t Remember
The New Batman Is a Dallas Actor, and We're Here To Judge
The Supernatural Role Playing Game Explained
Every Classic Monster Featured In Supernatural's "Monster Movie"
Supernatural: 10 Questions About Dean Winchester, Answered
Download Supernatural: John Winchester Hardcover Ruled Journal BY NOT A BOOK
SPN Con Panel Saturday - Every Saturday at 5PM PST by raloria

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Edition 4,864

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
A tiefling and a human walk into a bar... by TeamWincestiel27 (R)
...Like Fire on Ice by cozy_coffee (R)
A Final Dream of Bells by dimeliora with art by phoenix1966 (NC-17)
A Broken Promise by FavHalflight (NC-17)
Dust in the Basement by wrenseroticlibrary_archivist (NC-17)
Marry Fuck Kill by wrenseroticlibrary_archivist (NC-17)
Fireworks, Right Here, Right Now by Soulmatism_By_Romaunt (PG-13)

Fanfic: Dean/Castiel
Not a Goodbye by HuggerMugger (PG-13)
Bursting into life by s_a_b_i_n_e (PG-13)
457 miles to get to you by HallmarkDestiel (R)

Fanfic: Gen
I Understand Just a Little by QueerMozzarellaStick (G)
in framing by housewifedean (PG-13)
Revival by deans_samulet (PG-13)
This is Halloween by broken_cinders (G)
Heaven Is by Broken_Cinders (G)
Stepping into the light by Stormysea__breaks (G)
Those Who Can't by Broken_Cinders (PG-13)
Dead or Alive by Broken_Cinders (PG-13)
The Ghost in the Library by Broken_Cinders (G)
Mantra by Broken_Cinders (G)
The Tide Rolls In by Broken_cinders (G)
Scrambled by Broken_Cinders (G)
When Tomorrow Comes by Broken_Cinders (PG-13)
Home for Christmas by Broken_Cinders (R)
First Star I See Tonight by Broken_Cinders (PG-13)
Unshaken by Broken_Cinders (R)
Stronger by Broken_Cinders (R)
The Broken Road by Broken_Cinders (G)
Battle Cry by Broken_Cinders (G)
Drowning by Broken_Cinders (G)
Guard Duty by Broken_Cinders (G)
One More Problem by Broken_Cinders (PG-13)
nowhere to run by annaruby (R)

Fanfic: Het
Constellations by Broken_Cinders (Sam/Amelia; PG-13)
Five Things Dean Winchester Was Never Called by duckie7582 (Dean/OFC; G)

Fanfic: RPF
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways by sherlock221Bismymuse (Jared/Jensen; R)

Fanfic: Big Bangs
A Final Dream of Bells by dimeliora with art by phoenix1966 (Sam/Dean; NC-17)
Rock Bottom by bananenjoghurt9/GreenQueen86 with art by emmatheslayer

A creative reimagining of the recent J2 situation! by tranquilityhope
cozy Sam<3 by cryptidmax
Thursday’s angel will bless you by teachermacchiato
cas deserves betters by teachermacchiato
Casifer in white by fan-arter
After the Hunt by beccjohnson
Sam and Jack by diminuel
I won't give you my big brother by hakumi_gg
the one who turned upside down by hakumi_gg
DND Dean by mayventura_art
sorcerer Sam (part1) by mayventura_art
DND Sam and Dean by mayventura_art
DND Sam sticker design by mayventura_art
"Daddy is a hero" by mayventura_art
"I’m just a boy, I’m not a hero" by mayventura_art
Daydream by mayventura_art
wet Sam by mayventura_art
"Happiness isn’t in having, it’s in being" by mayventura_art
Am I seeing blurry? by mayventura_art
J2 by fur_immer_96
Jared and tape by fur_immer_96
The Eyes part 2 by fur_immer_96
Alec McDowell (Dark Angel) & Guy from Cheaper by the Dozen by fur_immer_96
Sam by fur_immer_96
everyone in some 70s outfit by f_f_frozen_lemonade
She's trying out the lumberjack look by f_f_frozen_lemonade
by f_f_frozen_lemonade
John, Cas, Dean by pop_cosmic
Dean:Let me bottom line it for you I'm not leaving here without you. Understand? by simona_k8
Different versions of The End by art.by.remy.d
Sam and Dean by _sketchy33_
Dibujo by renafletcher25
Because sometimes being blunt is not enough... by kamidiox
Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural as Ghostbusters by __mary_angel_art__
Jensen Ackles by heloloartt
dean winchester — jensen ackles mechanical pencil portrait by starvingpiano
Dean by leavenissanalone
Sam and Dean 🔪 by studioartmays
Sam Winchester with pencil nd by c.marie_art_
drawing of Jensen as Soldier Boy by rosemlek
first crush and first hero, Dean by spo0ky_n3rd
Little Castiel, Dean, Charlie and Sam by somethigdrawto

Dean, Live the Legend - Stetson edits by NYCLolita
Always by spnfamilyedits
I sleep with your name on my lips by spnfamilyedits
long hair Jared by j2.lovemoose
Jared as Thor by vigilantedean

bnw con photo of Jensen by Amy in Sydney

Podcast: SCARECROW on Salt & Burn This Pod

Dean Winchester edits because he deserved better by QXM Edits
Sammy video by t_i.t.a.n.i.c
°*sam and dean*° by carharttsam
I LIKE YOU by summersdeer
dean winchester video edit by acklesboys

Supernatural: 10 Questions About Dean Winchester, Answered posted at Screen Rant
SPN: 5 Heroes Fans Hated (& 5 Villains They Loved) posted at Screen Rant
The The Boys' Jensen Ackles Cranks Up Tool to Power Through Late-Night Shoot
Interview with Robbie Thompson by Daniel Fee

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