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Both PCA rockin'

Edition 4,830

Jared and Genevieve will be on The Talk on Monday April 19th to discuss the mid season finale!
All Tickets Back on Sale for Creation Entertainment’s Chicago ‘Supernatural’ Convention

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Sacrament (Sam/Dean, R) by riyku
Most Floods Are Caused by Man (Sam/Dean, NC17) by casey679
Sammy Is Such A Good Kid (Sam/Dean,NC17) by JohnlockedDancer
Closing Time (Sam/Dean, PG13) by jenajasper
Sin (Sam/Dean, NC17) by writethelifeyouwant
a very, very fine house (Sam/Dean, NC17) by Anonymous
Right Down the Middle (Sam/Dean, R) by fictionallemons
Leave Your Mark (Sam/Dean, NC17) by kelios

Fanfic: RPF
Reunion, (J2, NC17) by runedgirl
Jerk It Out, (J2, R) by Cozy_coffee
Not Done Yet, (J2, NC17) by writethelifeyouwant
Missing You Darling, (J2 PG13) by Sammydeangurl80
The Man with two Faces, (J2 R) by Aelia1980

Fanfic: Gen
DEW: Yes, but is it ART? by dizzojay
Scooby-Don't by theymp

bearded Sam by deanvoids
Dean- I'm really scared video edit by waywardsonig
Sam and Dean Winchester – Holding on and Letting go by Angel Dove
Sam and Dean being typical siblings (Part 2) by •SalmonDean•
Sam Channeling Bitch Energy by AbeeEdits
Arcade - Loving You Is A Losing Game {1x01-15x20} by sara tfkh
walker | to you. [1x09] by jυѕтcαllмeмιcнelle
Dean Winchester || Control by sherlockssmile
Soulless Sam Winchesterby QXM Edits
Be My Yoko Ono by deirdrecee
Sam Winchester | No Body No Crime. by xXKkxX
Supernatural | What's Up Danger by DemonBlakex
casifer being a little shit for 8 minutes and 15 seconds byWayward One

BnW Sam/Dean photo edit by j2.lovemoose
concept art/trading card of Jensen as Batman in live-action by waywardsonig
Jensen as Batman by j2.lovemoose
Matrix Jared by j2.lovemoose
Sam & Dean by j2.lovemoose
a Batman party by AleshaRuth

Pacific Rim Dean and cas by applepiesandtanthighs
Wishbone Jensen by Didi
Jensen Watercolor by angie_clover_drawings
painted wood Sam by pop_cosmic
winged Misha by vigilantedean
painted wood dean with gun by pop_cosmic
Brotherly Love by pop_cosmic
Steve Carlson - Drawing by angie_clover_drawings
Cas painting by jjpadtk
jensen painting by ramettis.jpg
The first snowfall of the year. by Petite_Madame
Sketch. Tattoos!Jensen. by Petite_Madame
Sam by inviseri
The Winchesters by amy_draws_things
Season 15 Sam by amy_draws_things
S15 Dean by amy_draws_things
S1 Sam by amy_draws_things
Dean's 17th birthday by uv.groovy
J2 in Lei's by fur_immer_96
The Farewell 14x11 by fur_immer_96
Moose-Bitch by fur_immer_96
H-E-Double Hockey Sticks! by Diminuel
olio su tela by by martysantarsier

Walker jarpad lockscreens by aborddelimpala
DeanWinchester in Supernatural 1x18 by sensitiveham

Relationship Icons posted by sweet_lyri in supernaturalart

Jensen singing photo by kunerksterphoto
Just Cause by raloria
Just Cause by raloria

Jared Padalecki screenplay subject of prison petition
10 Most Expensive Supernatural Episodes (& Why They Cost So Much)
Supernatural: 10 spin-off series that could happen
‘Supernatural’ Star Micha Collins Clears Up Confusion Over Spanish Dub Of Castiel’s Final Scene
Every Supernatural Episode Directed By Star Jensen Ackles

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Edition 4,829

New Louden Swain Track - Letter
Jensen's Batman Drawing is up for sale in Her Arts In Action Auction for World Water Day

New Communities
Supernatural Women Week

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Character Bleed by lazy_daze (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Hole in the Wall by inlustwithsammy (Sam/Dean, NC17)
White Hot Boy Summer by amusawale (Sam/Dean, R)
Youthful Indiscretions by ficforthought (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Home by Linds062709 (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Please Stow Your Carry-On Luggage by alwaysthrowsscissors (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Hidden Secrets by Maynara (Sam/Dean, R)
Paint It Black by writethelifeyouwant (Sam/Dean, R)

Fanfic: Other Slash
An Unexpected Reaper by gailtaylor19 (Dean/Cas, PG-13)

Fanfic: Gen
Engulfed By Darkness by giacinta2
In The Blackness Of Your Eyes by soulmateswinchesters (Sam, Dean)

Fanfic: RPF
Show-Off by lazy_daze (J2, NC17)
You Really Got A Hold On Me by lazy_daze (J2, NC17)
Come Into My Parlour by lazy_daze (J2, NC17)
Appendicitis (The Apprehension Remix) by lazy_daze (J2, PG13)
Evaporate, Tall Person! by lazy_daze PG13
we burst into colors (colors and carousels) by lazy_daze (J2, NC17)
drop into the wave by lazy_daze (J2, NC17)
That Dream To Be Seen by lazy_daze (J2, R)
I See Lightning by lazy_daze (J2, NC17)
Blow It by lazy_daze (J2, NC17)
Thrill Seeker by lazy_daze (J2, NC17)
Estrus by lazy_daze (J2, NC17)
Come on get closer by lazy_daze (J2, NC17)
Apply Yourself by lazy_daze (J2, NC17)
Looking for something dumb to do lazy_daze (J2, R)
Kitchen Confidential by lazy_daze (J2, PG13)
Mafia's fallen angel by Hannah_2003 (J2, PG13)

Fanfic: Recs
The Blessing by heartheldhostage (J2, R) recced by firesign10
Tired of Being Alone by amypond45 (J2, R)recced by firesign10

Walker: 1x08 Caps by raloria
Just 'Cause by raloria
Just 'Cause by raloria

Jawline Of The Gods by Dani S

Small Dean by hagarenre520
Sam/Dean Line Sketch by Russtruestory99
Everyone’s favorite bloody boy by lovelazarus
SPN steampunk au by whatthegenxhell
My eyes hurt by
Fed Suit Sam by jjpdtk
This angel means business by caduceuzs
World's Greatest Dad !! by pointless.artx
Season 1 Sam Winchester by artbylyssa
Nap Time by archervale
Dean’s tattoos and freckles by anschiart

I would have loved to go to school by J2.LoveMoose
Winged Sam by vigilantedean

Dean Winchester - Old Town Road by Live Like Heroes
Dean&Charlie [20% Cooler] by Live Like Heroes
cas in love by •SalmonDean•
Sam × Dean || Love everything you do by The Freak Boy
sam struggling in life for 4 minutes and 18 seconds by Wayward One
Sam&Dean (SPN) || Don't Speak by Александр Ценглер

Supernatural: 5 Things Season 1 Sam Would Hate About Finale Sam (& 5 Things He Would Love)
Enter to win a Tarot Deck and Guidebook Designed after Your Favorite CW Spook Hunters: Supernatural!
The Truth About Sam And Dean Winchester's Relationship In Supernatural
Scream Factory Now Announces New HOUSE OF WAX Collector’s Edition Blu-ray
On Fanfiction, Fandom, and Why Criticism Is Healthy
Supernatural Rewatch – Sam’s Visions Worsen in ‘Nightmare’
SPN Con Panel Saturday - Every Saturday at 5PM PST by raloria

Before you comment to the newsletter, please make sure you have read the comm userinfo carefully [here].
[j²] soapbox derby

Edition 4,828

10 Things You Didn't Know About The Walking Dead Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan posted at ScreenRant
Galaxy Con (Misha, Mark, Jim, Timothy O) posted at Galaxy Con
#WeLoveYouJaredPadalecki Trends as Supernatural Fans Praise the Beloved Actor posted at TVWeb

SPN Gencest Big Bang Artist Sign Ups at spngencestbang

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Echo Limits by smalltrolven (R)
Scratch by lazy_daze (PG-13)
You might not ever get rich by lazy_daze (PG-13)
The Strangest Things Can Happen by lazy_daze (NC-17)
Save a Horse by lazy_daze (R)
Pull & Twist by lazy_daze (NC-17)
Saying It Out Loud by lazy_daze (PG-13)
Tale It to the Limit by lazy_daze (NC-17)
Like a Thief by lazy_daze (R)
Snake-eyes Dice by lazy_daze (NC-17)
You ain't got a thing to lose by lazy_daze (NC-17)
all the stars wouldn't fall from the sky by lazy_daze (PG-13)
she's a real time girl (in my imaginary world) by lazy_daze (NC-17)
Edge by lazy_daze (NC-17)
if i could bend your pain into something good by lazy_daze (NC-17)
Spectacular, Tentacular by lazy_daze (NC-17)
Like Diamonds in a Cave by lazy_daze (PG-13)
And I just want to hold on to you by lazy_daze (PG-13)
But What a Lovely Way to Burn by lazy_daze (NC-17)
I'm at your will once again by lazy_daze (NC-17)
And So Never Ending by lazy_daze (NC-17)
No Small Pleasure by lazy_daze (NC-17)
Waiting by lazy_daze (NC-17)
Running Water by lazy_daze (NC-17)
Pressure by lazy_daze (NC-17)
Neutral Evil by tintentrinkerin (PG-13)
Twist by HandsAcrossTheSea (NC-17)
Is It Tomorrow (Or Just the End of Time) by Prince_of_Elsinore (NC-17)
Blood Like Cream by outoftheashes (NC-17)
In the Light by velvetcryptid (NC-17)
and it cuts me wide by unhappy_matt (R)
Stinkfist by guiltyandcheap (NC-17)
When the Lack of a Soul Can Be Freeing by artemis1967 (NC-17)

Fanfic: Gen
Turns by lazy_daze (G)

Fanfic: Other
Memento 22/? by alltheshrinks (Jared/Jensen/Dean; NC-17)

Fanfic: RPF
I carry you on my hands (so stop fidgeting) by merenwen76 (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)
Salvation from Shadow by rocketmojo (Jared/Jensen; G)
Watch Me Unravel, I'll Soon Be Naked by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)
We're Going to the End of the Line by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; PG-13)
Somewhere To See It by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)
Overheard in Vancouver by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; PG-13)
The Heat, It's Gonna Burn by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)
Guys Don't Make Passes by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; PG-13)
Tickled by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; PG-13)
The Affection Is The Entertainment by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)
Catch Me a Catch by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; PG-13)
Warm Milk and Excedrin PM by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; PG-13)
Creeping Around In My Head by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)
Souvenir by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)
Aural by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)
See Me Slowing Down by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; PG-13)
Putting My Life On The Brink by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)
We'll Paint The Grey Clouds (With Pretty Rainbow Hues) by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; PG-13)
You'll Cut Me Out In Little Stars by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen; PG-13)
The Blessing by heartheldhostage (Jared/Jensen; R)

You Write Your Own Narrativeby Kamidiox
Sam Winchester ) black paper, pastel)) by tiabogatova1989
supernatural johnwinchester mattcohen painting. by pop_cosmic
nephilim Dean by vigilantedean
phantom traveler by frankiecarreno
Jared as Walker by kayla_j_official_ featured at cw_walkertexasranger
Swesson Art by Mr. Faith
Boy King Sam/Godstiel. by Medicated Maniac
Nougat Baby by badw
Thanks SPN Family by Pensan
SPN Family by mephiell
My poor, sad baes. So sad. Such hurt. by spacemonsterarts
You Lost, Dean by cypjj
Synthesize Me by Kickbeat
Revenge by pompei_77 aka Bonny

Saturday Night Fever Jared by pompei_77 aka Bonny
Snowing in the City J2 edit by pompei_77 aka Bonny
That time Jensen Shaved His Head by pompei_77 aka Bonny
Rockstar Jared by pompei_77 aka Bonny
Marshall Jensen by pompei_77 aka Bonny
jarpad by vigilantedean
Jensen Ackles as Maverick by supesoldierboy

Jibweek 2019 - JIBLAND4 + JIB10 by lemondropsonice
Jared - 2004 by jarpadgalery

Dean Winchester ◊ Pieces [+15x20] by C.M.
Jensen Ackles being a shy adorable idiot by applepi -
Supernatural | Abraham & Isaac {Jack, Sam and Dean} by Feuwise6
The end of everything. by Madelyn Thompson
Sam Winchester | La Da Dee [HBD AIMIE!] by visionary.mp4
Dean Winchester - Broken by MAS Production
Sam & Dean | "I love you so much" [+15x20] by witchdaughter
Multifandom - My name is Dean Winchester by MAS Production
Dean Winchester | R.I.P 2 My Youth by cirengranger
MONSTER || Dean Winchester and the Mark of Cain by 28 Films Later
dean winchester; landslide by theprincessandthepie
Sam Winchester (SPN) || My demons by Alexander Tsengler
dean winchester - moonsmoke by i don’t really know
Casifer | Angels could be bad by Natasadie
Sam Winchester | Freak by xXKkxX
dean winchester - verbatim by lovesick cowboys
Dean Winchester | the hero so far. by maliaetic
Sam Winchester being done with everything for 6 and a half minutes by •SalmonDean•
Dean Winchester ◊ Hustler by C.M_Bonds
Dean Winchester by thriller.win
Sam Winchester by thriller.win

Quiz: Can You Name The Supernatural Episode From Just One Image? posted at What Culture
Merch: Cards Against Supernatural

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Both PCA rockin'

Edition 4,827

Before you comment to the newsletter, please make sure you have read the comm userinfo carefully [here].

Farewell my friend posted by dizzojay
Supernatural: The Animation - Why Jensen Ackles Only Voiced Dean For Two Episodes
After Supernatural: What The Main Actors Are Doing Next

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
I Always Thought I’d See You Again (Sam/Dean, R) by amypond45
Whole Lotta Love (Sam/Dean, NC17) by firesign10
We-time: A Sam/Dean Trio (Sam/Dean, R) by laughablelament
The man who sold the world (Sam/Dean, PG13) by That_F8ngirl
I Will Find You (Sam/Dean, NC17) by genevra1676
Unashamed (Sam/Dean, NC17) by Khawapashi
glory days (Sam/Dean, NC17) by deadlybride
You Shook Me All Night Long (Sam/Dean, NC17) by Wolf_Lake
I Wanna Hold You 'Til I Die (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lazy_daze
But If You Ask Me Who (It's Always Been You) (Sam/Dean, R) by lazy_daze
Enhance The Savor (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lazy_daze
Like Rock Salt Without A Shotgun (Sam/Dean, R) by lazy_daze
As if You'll Live Forever (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lazy_daze
Persuasion (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lazy_daze
We Came From the Breeze (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lazy_daze
I Don't Want Somebody To Love Me (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lazy_daze
We Came From the Breeze (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lazy_daze
A Peacefulness Follows (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lazy_daze
Like A Handprint (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lazy_daze
Your Fingerprints, Everywhere (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lazy_daze
Junk in the Trunk (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lazy_daze
Keep Our Minds on the Sum of Each Other (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lazy_daze
No Small Pleasure (Sam/Dean, NC17) by lazy_daze
the wrath of grapes (Sam/Dean, R) by lazy_daze
We’ll meet again, in my time of dying (Sam/Dean, NC17) by Cant_find_a_perfect_name
When the Lack of a Soul Can Be Freeing (Sam/Dean, NC17) by artemis1967
The Weight of Love (Sam/Dean, R) by Maynara
Professor Campbell (Sam/Dean, NC17) by inlustwithsammy
Down at All (Sam, Dean, PG13) by coricomile

Fanfic: RPF
Vineyard Vows (J2, Gen) by J2_Girlz
The Heyerdahl Job (J2, PG13) by zubeneschamali
Summernight Dreaming (J2, NC17) by hellhoundsprey

Fanfic: Gen
The Language of Flowers by theymp
Take The Long Way Home (Sam, Dean, R) by ameliacareful, Frontierland_Productions
Revelation (Sam, Dean, G) by Saphirott
Your truth, your doom. (Sam, Dean, G) by Saphirott

Mark's Accent by hannah
Evil Sam by moose_winchester1
Wincest by altanka.edit
Sam and Chuck by altanka.edit
they're a canon! by altanka.edit
Death by altanka.edit

Sam Edit by vigilantedean

“This is Dean’s other, other cell so, you must know what to do.” by caduceuzs
Winchesters by rehamabdulhamid
One of my favorites of all time 🤧 by balthamos7
We both knew it had to end this way🌟 by madikats_vision
Jared Sketch by mayamaau
Castiel from supernatural in Pop art by drawings.by.jean
Sam-Lucifer for SPN zine by rfv_art
Dean by marz23_
Jared portrait by di.es.el
Dean Winchester Darksoul by jeffguy75
Sam Illustrations by nachocastroilustrador
Driver Dean by jjpadtk
Jared by jjpadtk
Sam and Dean inkart by matthew_d_cooper
Cowboy Dean by jayh.sketch
Jared as Walker by aphillipsflash
Trio by kazoo.ghoul
'Let's finish this game' by imnotokbecausemcr
Jarpad by hellandhogwarts_art
Trio sketch by el_art.26
Crimson Ackles by xfancyfranart
Portrait Jared Padalecki, Sam by lergelergert
Jensen by kenwyzz
Carrots? by jayh.sketch
NSFWGravitas (First Time) by dangerous_ink
Take the Long Way Home artpost by FrontierlandP and cassiopeia7
Swesson make out sesh (AU Sam/Dean) by awaafterdark
Sam/Dean on prom night by awaafterdark
NSFWmichael!deanxdemon!dean by awaafterdark
NSFWKnotted, Mated, Mine by dangerous_ink
You Belong To Me by dangerous_ink
Graphics for Land of Art Ph16Ch7+8 by beelikej

Just Cause by raloria
Just Cause by raloria

That's not how foreskin works: A PSA on uncut cock (R) by sarcasticbones
Supernatural Quiz: You'll Never 100% This Dean Winchester Fill In The Gaps Quiz
The One With The Killer Truck – Route 666 in Supernatural Rewatch
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Edition 4,826

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Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles Reveals Bizarre New Look for The Boys Season 3
Radio Company Releases “Quarter To”, opens pre-sales for Volume II
Batman release date
Keegan Allen Talks About Playing Jared's Younger Brother
Snooki tweets about her cameo on SPN
Cinemablend: Supernatural's Jensen Ackles Is Almost Unrecognizable With New Look For The Boys Season 3
Jensen's Quarantine Beard
Jensen's tweet about Kung-Fu by Jensen
Quarantine Jensen Instagram Comments by Fangasm
SPN S15x19 & S15x20 scripts by SuperWiki
Jared and Teddy by tedfurreal
New BTS pic of Jared doing a bit of two-stepping for Walker by kierstenelizabeth
Meet Misha Collins, Mark R Pellegrino, Jim Beaver, Omundson, on Saturday, May 15th at 12PM EST with galaxyconlive

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Ne Dis Jamais Jamais by lightinthehall (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Keep On Carrying On by ComicBooksBro (Sam/Dean, PG13)
Darkness Surrounds You by BruisedBloodyBroken (Sam/Dean, R)
Rusted H(u)e(w) by Dyed_Red (Sam/Dean, PG13)
Spring Dance of the Fluffy Bunnies by orphan_account (Sam/Dean, NC17)
like that by cestlestialbeings (Sam/Dean, NC17)
My Pain Fits In The Palm Of Your Freezing Hands by KassandraScarlett (Sam/Dean, PG13)
Loving you is a losing gameby anya_ackles (Sam/Dean, PG13)
I Will Find You by genevra1676 (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Unashamed by Khawapashi (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Silent feelings and missed opportunities by That_F8ngirl (Sam/Dean, PG13)
his skin barely keeping him inside by hathfrozen (Sam/Dean, NC17)
The man who sold the world by That_F8ngirl (Sam/Dean, PG13)

Fanfic: Gen
Frontierland Productions S16 Masterlist by Quickreaver
How much money do Sam & Dean actually need to Hunt by CarmenChameleon

Fanfic: Het
Just the Distraction I Need by CarmenChameleon (Sam/Dean Outside POV, Gen)

Fanfic: RPF
Surrogate by hellhoundsprey (Sam/Dean, NC17)
College is good by Hannah_2003 (Sam/Dean, PG13)
The Blessing by heartheldhostage (Sam/Dean, R)
My Jealous Dork by DWImpala67 (Sam/Dean, NC17)
"The guy" by sprntrlllover (Gen)

Dark Sam by _italianfanart
He loved Me by madikats_vision
Jared as Sam by sarahgreendrawings
Leviathan!SAM 💀 by Gigi Armstrong
Who’s There by ragenruin
Sketch Studies - Jack by _irulan_
The Only Twenty-Four Hour Bookstore in New York by Petite Madame Instagram
Gilmore Girls Dean by didi_1967
Jensen Watercolor by Matylda
Singing Jensen by Denny Barnes
Jensen on Cello by pompei_77 aka Bonny
Jensen outside the Pink Motel by pompei_77 aka Bonny
Sam - So What? It’s My Favorite by Quickreaver
Ophelian Part 1 by ariellacoldheart
Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #3 by Petite Madame Instagram
day 4: anger Sam, John by danisalernoart

Profile Dean by vigilantedean
Radio Co gif by sensitiveham
Evil Cas by vigilantedean
Walker Time by j2.lovemoose
NSFW Sam by balthamos7
NSFW Poolside Jared by balthamos7
NSFW Jared by j2.lovemoose
Tatted Biker Jared by j2.lovemoose
NSFW Cowboy Jared by j2.lovemoose
Halloween Jared by deanlocked
Leather Pants, shirtless Jensen by j2.lovemoose
Dean - Thank You for the Ride by deanlocked
Bloody Jared, Jensen & Misha by deanlocked
Animated Jared by Quickreaver
Mannequin 3 - The Reckoning by thewinchestermotel
Shaving Jensen by pompei_77 aka Bonny

Just 'Cause by raloria
Just 'Cause by raloria
Just 'Cause by raloria

Just Say The Word by sapphicstellas
I'm fine by Anvids
I've got me by Anvids
My Favorite Demon by jaredslut
We're the friggin' Winchesters! by waywardsun2
Sam Winchester Wears Makeup by deanvoids
Cover of ‘Quarter To’ by Radio Company by Charity Hammans

All 22 Episodes From The First Season Of "Supernatural" From Worst To Best
SPN Con Panel Saturday - Every Saturday at 5PM PST by raloria
Supernatural: 5 Best Winchester Plans (& 5 Worst)
Supernatural Quiz: Who Said It – Sam Or Dean?
Supernatural: 10 Characters Who Died For Sam & Dean
Supernatural personality quiz
Jensen Ackles and Danneel Ackles’ Cutest Pics With 3 Kids: Family Album
TIL that Supernatural's holy water is actually lube.
[j²] faaaaaces | asylum 11

Edition 4,825

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News: Watch Driven with Richard Speight Jr. Free on Amazon
Richard Speight Jr Interview posted at SCPOD
Jensen Ackles Debuts as Batman in First Long Halloween Trailer posted at CBR
DC Brings Tricks and Treats With ‘Batman: The Long Halloween’ Animated Movie This Summer! posted at Bloody Disgusting
NERDIST: Hear SUPERNATURAL’s Jensen Ackles as Batman in THE LONG HALLOWEEN Trailer posted at Nerdist
Supernatural: 5 Things Season 1 Dean Would Hate About Finale Dean (& 5 He Would Love) posted at screenrant
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Has Revealed The ‘Horrible’ Role That ‘Almost Made Me Quit Acting’ at Uproxx
JUSTICE SOCIETY: WORLD WAR II Co-Writer Jeremy Adams On Being Part Of SUPERNATURAL's Final Season at Comic Book Movie
Sterling K Brown Birthday Special: From This Is Us to Black Panther, 5 Performances of This Amazing Actor That Bowled Us Over at Yahoo In Style
Virtually hang with Rob this April 10-11 for #PeopleCon!

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Fragments of Broken Futures by maygra (PG-13)
Supernatural: What It's Not by maygra (NC-17)
Dean, Forever by soulless_puppy (R)
The World May Judge You but the Devil Won't by kara_luna (PG-13)
Engulfed by Darkness by deanandsam (R)

Fanfic: Gen
Easter Jam by theymp (PG-13)
When the Road Stops, Rest by maygra (G)

Fanfic: RPF
Space to Love by bananaenjoghurt9 (Jared/Jensen; E)
Husband Material by hellhoundsprey (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)
Remember You by Aelia1980 (Jared/Jensen; R)
The Soulmate Effect by cleighwrites (Jared/Jensen; NC-17 )
Underneath It All by ashtraythief (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)

J2 Fic Rec at likestarsonearthj2

Dean Sketch by fireheartcas
Watch out for Sammy by tyjo_draws
S1 Dean Oil Pastel by tyjo_draws
Trio of Dean Pencil Sketches by sereheheh
Becky Sam by hotpsammy
What? by frankielennon_anim
Demon Blood Sam by j2.lovemoose
Dean Profile sketch by jenssart
Dean Stickers on face by emrysteine
THEM by plushypluto
Sam Winchester is Supernatural by Sam Winchester Admiration League
HBO Dean by applepiesandtanthighs
College AU Dean and Benny by beccaxx_art
loving you is a losing game by demonhermo
the hot topical funko pops by concord.and.cliches
Dean Winchester by artbylyssa
Winchester your way! by _crimsonkoi_
Young Jared Sketch by ca-000
On a Mission from God by Lucifers Angel Crowleys Queen
Sam Painting by j2lovemoose
pacific Rim AU comic by madikats_vision
Dean Winchester Art by imdeansbee
“Bilights” by uv.groovy
HBO!SPN comic by foolondahill17
the endverse by ozzyz_.ink
colored pencil drawing of deans shoulder scar by lesbiansupernatural
Kylo!Dean by glossierghost
my heart by irisberra_art
personal space by foolondahill17
Dean Winchester in a leather jacket by kneverk_art
Cas by emrysteine
J&J by What

Frontierland’s Supernatural Season 16 Masterlist AO3 Collection || Spotify Playlist || at Frontierland

Bang Bang Boo☆ by elriadep
Sam • Ghost of You AUby Mystic Swan
Dean - Can't Help Myself by beautiful_and_damned
Cover: City Grown Willow by Charity Hammans
Evil like me by j2lovemoose
JJ and Sheppy by witchchesters
J2M drawingby gabriel851arts
Deanmon by altanka.edit
Clay Miller, Baby by the_elliot_emerson
Scary Just Got Sexy by The CW Supernatural
Stole my heart by by winchester.sss
Morphing Jared by awesome_dean_winchester

Cordell(Duke) Dean(Alec) by supernicco
Don't look at me like that! by bitchandjerk
Thread of Band Shirts Dean (edits) by chaotic_dean
gif set Jensen Ackles | Radio Company Volume 2 by rainbow motors
Jared Padalecki Saturn by __maryam_hasan___
Casifer by vigilantedean
I never doubted your strength, Sammy by balthamos7
Anything for you, lil' brother. by balthamos7
Radio Company vol II by radiocompanyfans
City Grown Willow by Radio Company edit spam by lemondropsonice
Jensen Dark Angel DVD Extra by Rainbow Motors
Mountain Man Jensen by LemonDropsOnIce
Jensen Blur by awesome_dean_winchester

Quiz: Which Jensen Ackles' Radio Company Song Are You?
Friday the 13th Theory: The 2009 Reboot Is Just an Episode of Supernatural posted at CBR
Both PCA rockin'

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Jared Padalecki with a new challenge for his fans
Art Submission for April Closed!
Every Time We Touch: A First-Time Wincest Fest - There’s one month left to participate in the First-Time Wincest Fest!

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
soulmateswinchesters (Sam/Dean, NC17) by soulmateswinchesters
Take Care of Sammy (Sam/Dean, R) by EnInkahootz
Profound Pain (Sam/Dean, PG13) by Tintentrinkerin
These Cozy Tall Walls (Sam/Dean, NC17) by alwaysthrowsscissors
OCD in the key of Sam (Sam/Dean, NC17) by Maygra
blending words (Sam/Dean, PG13) by wincestgoddess
some unholy war (Sam/Dean, NC17) by chinablue
Space to love (Sam/Dean, NC17) by GreenQueen86 and Saramina80
Breaking in the Barn (Sam/Dean, NC17) by blackrose_17

Fanfic: RPF
White Wave (J2, PG13) by Missyswife37
Bedside Manner (J2, R) by Pineprin137
Piercing (J2, NC17) by timehasa_way
Bad Reputation Chapters 1-11/? (J2, NC17) by StarRose
About The Bats And Cats (J2, NC17) by DWImpala67

Fanfic: Gen
As You Sow, So Shall You Reap (Sam, Dean, G) by Maygra
EGGS-CRETION (Sam. Dean, Gen) by dizzojay
Fame And Fortune Sometimes Strike (Sam, Dean, Gen) by giacinta2

March Round Ups by sns_mods

Gravity of Love by Kianna Kitter
No Light, No Light by Sidecar ER
Run Away With Me by rachellynnedits
Dean Winchester Once Said by rachellynnedits
I wish Dean knew his worth by tianajadewinchester
Road Anthem by 15supernaturalfangirl
Pick a character by winchester..fam
Dean obviously ready for hot summer by daddyissuesdean
Jensen - Sounds of Someday by Beautiful and Dammed
Supernatural Mood Lighting by uncertainsimile
oH jENSEN by caswinchv
12x7 was such a look by exlwhstr
"I can't stand Dean" ok??? Then kneel? by vxmpdean
Jared- Dean Forrester-boyfriend material by gilmoresvelo
missing this s13 father-son development by jaredsthrills
Down We Go by deanwnchr
To it all, just 💦 (NSFW) by deanvoids
sam overload by winchester.sss

Remember to Always Think Twice posted by TxDorA
Propinquity by Scarlett Dixon
Din Sam-chan! by Ca_0_Ca
Animated Cas & Dean by Frankie Lemon
S6E15 The b French Mistake by higita
How it started by Genhemir
Protector by kingstoken
S’aint Crowley by slytherkins
Summer Sweetness by saminzat
Dean - Vision : Pyro by c_kaeru_
Happy Easter! by CatCurl
Crosseyed Jensen by __maryam_hasan___
Colored Pencil Progress by anna.art.my.colored.pencils
FIRST ENCOUNTER. by nassan_spn.art
“Angels are warriors of god. I’m a soldier.” by caduceuzs
Like Father, Like Son by elam0318
Mountain Man Jensen sketch by angie_clover_drawings
Pacific Rim AU Dean by madikats_vision
Dean crosshatch by artsyfartsymcgeee
Dean art for The Coming Dawn by ragenruin
Boy!King Sam by freckles.n.dimples
Black Paper • White coal by tiabogatova1989
Jensen as Soldier Boy by VoughtHQ

fc; 7212 by deanlocked
fc; 4177 by deanlocked
Thank You Jared for Sam! by deanlocked
Dean fc; 7167 by deanlocked

Icons, Gifs
City Grown Willow gif v1 by _downandirty_
City Grown Willow gif V2 by _downandirty_

Just 'Cause, by raloria
Just 'Cause, by raloria

Con-Tinual: Unattached Drifter Christmas
Quiz: You'll Never Be Able To Name 100% Of These Monsters From Supernatural
Fangasm reviews "Faith"
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Jared Mantra Labs Fundraiser for Community Foundation Boulder County
Jensen is Batman - but we already knew that!
Jeffrey Dean Morgan talks 'petrifying' shoot for The Unholy, Walking Dead season finale
Jensen Ackles, Naya Rivera, and more to star in Batman: The Long Halloween animated movie
Jensen Ackles, Rainn Wilson, and More To Participate in herARTS in Action Celebrity Auction

2021 Dean/Cas Big Bang Sign-Ups Are Open!
SPN Spring Fling sign-ups 2021!
WIP Big Bang (Finish Your Shit) Time to Get It Done

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
this skin is your skin by Hathfrozen (Sam/Dean, PG13)
the repeated image of the lover destroyed by Hathfrozen (Sam/Dean, R)
Protect Sammy by Am_I_a_Dean_Girl (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Teenage Wasteland by raving_liberal (Sam/Dean, NC17)
strawberry soda by toasty_kitten (Sam/Dean, PG13)
Nothing Bad Happens by raving_liberal (Sam/Dean, R)
take this feather and fly by ArgentNoelle (Sam/Dean, NC17)
Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir? by anotheroldmadhatter (Sam/Dean, PG13)
On a bridge bathed in sunlight by redmyeyes (Sam/Dean, R)
Sin and Adrenaline by LaughableLament (Sam/Dean, PG13)
Soixante-neuf by ficforthought (Sam/Dean, NC17)
That's no corn dog by StepicliffeGrey (Sam/Dean, R)
Ergonomic by sobrecogimiento (Sam/Dean, NC17)

Fanfic: Other Slash
Cuddlibus (finished) by Destielshipper4Cas (Castiel/Dean, R)

Fanfic: Gen
A Hero's Name by letsgobethegoodguys
(Jack & Sam, G )

Fanfic: Other
there's no place like home for the holidays by choiyoonas (Dean/Castiel, Sam/Eileen PG13)

Fanfic: RPF
Meet Me In The Middle by KassandraScarlett (J2, PG13)
Daisy Chains by hellhoundsprey (J2, NC17)
Curly Locks by J2_Girlz (J2, R)
Quid Pro Quo, Jensen. Chapter 1 by Saltandburnboys (J2, NC17)

Jared Mantra Labs Icons by aborddelimpala

Moose and Squirrel by osiripengin
everybody loves a clown by frankiecarreno
the winchesters but make them half mexican by frankiecarreno
long way down to the bottom of the river. by frankiecarreno
i remember when your head caught flame, it kissed your scalp and caressed your brain. by nephilimgrace
Feeding Werewolves by liart_ez
Jack by Bastian Vergara
Merman Sam by Kamidiox
Could a car save the world? by Rachael Sinclair
Inktober with da boys. by Quickreaver
michael edits with halos and shiny eyes by garrisonbabe
Jensen by hope2bAtomic
The complicated and thorny thing called the Winchester brothers’ bond… by joaellaine
Go for it, Winchester! by anschiart
God Save the Prom Queen by madikats_vision
Hey, Sweetheart! by madikats_vision
Young Sam by A Biting Smile

Just 'Cause by raloria/twitter

ALWAYS KEEP FIGHTING by samdeansandwich
I am coming for all the Monsters by samdeansandwich
Jared Jensen AU by supernicco
HIRAETH - the feeling of longing for a home that doesn't exist. by samdeansandwich
Good Omens crossover by whysupernatural
Watch me edit by deanlocked
It's too late by spnfamilyedits
Teen Jared & Jensen Edit by supernicco
J2 AU by supernicco
Who You Gonna Call by supernicco
Teen Sam & Dean by supernicco

City Grown Willow by Radio Company
Where Were You? chuck!god by teenageliving13
Dean - Simple Man (Jensen Singing) by Rainbowcupcakey
Dean Angry Cat by dean.winchester80
I can't Do It Without by Just Your SPN Fan
Cialis by bmisulka
I Want Candy by Miss Mirk
Jared - Teen People by Teresa Gade
CW Connect Interview - Jared by Teresa Gade
CW Connect Interview - Jensen by Teresa Gade
Behind The Scenes of Long Distance Call with Jensen by Teresa Gade
Dean Winchester - Me Too by DemonBlakeX
Supernatural's Flying Circus by ash4897
Passion in my Pants ('cause I'm all out of love). SPN Gag Reel by ash4897
For You by Hayden
sera gamble said it’s sam’s turn to be canon homophobic bi by demonbloodapologist

10 Interesting Facts About Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Acting Career
ClarkCollis (@Clark Collis) Tweeted: Had a lot of fun talking horror with @JDMorgan
Vlog Rob & Rich
SPN Con Panel Saturday Watch party 5pm Pacific Time Sat April 3.
Discussion about FanFiction-reading it, writing it, and what it fulfills for us.
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Jensen Art in Charity Auction posted by heartsinaction
Supernatural: All The Times The Impala Was Wrecked posted at Screenrant
Supernatural: 10 Villains & Their Most Heroic Actions posted at Screenrant
Walker: Jeffrey Dean Morgan to Jared Padalecki: Embrace the Silver posted at Bleedingcool
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Virtual Season 16 at Frontierland Productions

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
The Space Between Sense and Memory by venhedish (PG-13)
Party Time by djcuris (PG-13)
Fully, Finally Free by kestra_troi (R)
amans meus (lover of mine) by anonymous (NC-17)
As the World Falls Down by NaughtyPastryChef (NC-17)

Fanfic: Other
Run Away by ethereal_enthusiast (Gilmore Girls crossover; Sam/Castiel, Sam/Jess, Dean F/Jess; PG-13)

Innocently Intimate by smut-slut (Jared/Jensen)
Centaur Sam by art_locked_
All the angles by chofie
Destiel in Rose Quartz by licieoic
Sam, duh by askteamfreewill
Cas Art by zarik72
Sam sketch by bellecur
hang on, sam. I got you. let's get outta here by yuki-ppp
Incandescence by aceriee
Bites, marks (NSFW) by freckles.n.dimples
J2 by Quickreaver aka quickreaver
I've made mistakes by i.m_your_diva
Sam gallery featured at samdeansandwich
Demon Dean by artsyfartsymcgeee
Animated Crowley Art by Lerge Lergert

Dean by deanlocked
Monsters ahead by deanlocked
Time to move on by deanlocked
Not in service by deanlocked
Jared steel worker by deanlocked
Misha with cat by deanlocked
The horror you've seen by SamDeanSandwich
I'm drowning by SamDeanSandwich
Brothers in Arms by SamDeanSandwich
I Don't Wanna Know by SamDeanSandwich
Sam and Dean in BnW by SamDeanSandwich
Resistance is not an option (NSFW) by balthamos7
Pour some sugar on me (NSFW) by balthamos7
Uh Dean? by balthamos7
Sam by vigilantedean

Jensen at Dazed and Confused Table Read (10/11/2020) by JensenAcklesFans on FB

Stuck in the middle by Exøtic Glitch
Sam Winchester by miaasedits__
Pretty Baby by moose_winchester1
The Bellman by alanakingspn
I hate all men by Thriller Win
Dean Winchester – Nothing Else Matters by AngelDove
Wincest edit by altanka.edit

Season 1 Meta posted at Fanspired