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Edition 2,403

Before you comment to the newsletter, please make sure you have read the comm userinfo carefully [here].

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Liberation by paper_storm88 (NC-17)
Sandcastles in the surf by ash_carpenter (R)
Madness is the Emergency Exit by jerkbitchbaby (NC-17)

Fanfic: Other Slash
And He Haunts My Dreams, [5/5] by nicole9514 (Dean/Castiel,R)
The Djinn Reality - Of Magic and Soulmates verse by queengeekkeri (Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jessica,R)
A Call for Help by fluffybunnies56 (Sam/Castiel,R)
East of the Sun [4/6] by adaptor (Dean/Castiel,NC-17)
Slide Away by jollysnidge (Dean/Castiel,Sam/Gabriel,R)
The Unbroken Ones [7/?] by miss_annthropic (Dean/Castiel,R)
Getting Back To The Daily... by highermagic (Dean/Castiel,NC-17)

Fanfic: Gen
As The Family Gathers by immortal_jedi (PG)
Eye of the Beholder by harrigan (PG )

Fanfic: Other
Of Magic And Soulmates Verse - Supernatural/Merlin Crossover by queengeekkeri (Dean/Cas,Arthur/Merlin,NC-17 )

Fanfic: RPF
Only in my free time (2/4) by sepherim_ml (Jared/Jensen,NC-17)
Save the Train, Ride the Conductor by pony_express (Jensen/Misha,NC-17)
The Evil Alien Overlord Verse: When We First Exchange "I love you" by fedaykin (Jared/Jensen,NC-17)
Better, Cared for and Loved by sendal (Jared/Jensen/Jeff,PG-13)

Sam/Dean by lavishsqualor at rocksalt_recs
Dub-Con by simplybeing at j2_recs
Vampires by cassiopeia7 at rocksalt_recs
Crossovers by lilaeth at rocksalt_recs
Animated gifset by nanoochka at rec_hymenated
Gen by salty_catfish at rocksalt_recs
Crossovers by lilaeth at rocksalt_recs
J2 by big_heart_june at rocksalt_recs
Vampires by lilaeth at rocksalt_recs
Gen by redbells at rocksalt_recs

37 8.07 icons by cha

To: C, From: R by princess_schez (G)

November Vid Roundup by spnroundtable

Official Dropout Post posted at 1upona_sabriel
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