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Edition #2,263

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S7 Images and Features Info posted by raloria
Tentative S8 Spoilers at all_spn (SPOILERS)
SPN Comic Con TV Guide Covers posted by agt_spooky and others

Challenge 287 Extension at jensenstillness

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Breathe Me by darkforetold (R)
Legend of the Ape Man 5/? by virtualpersonal and deans_fetish (NC-17)
Love, Curiosity, Freckles, & Doubt by writewanderlust (PG-13)
Farewell to the Fairground by kat_lair (PG-13)
All Stripped Down by saltandbyrne (NC-17)
The Bet by justinedelarge (other: Sam/Dean/Castiel; R)

Fanfic: Other Slash
What's There To Miss? by miss_ink_wings (Dean/Castiel; PG-13)
Tastes Like Forgiveness 1/8 by dc_derringer (Dean/Castiel; NC-17)
Blood Water 9/13 by wordsoffiction (Gabriel/Sam, Castiel/Dean; NC-17)
In Eight Months Time 2/? by superfan12345 (Dean/Castiel; NC-17)
for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God by oceansex (Dean/Castiel; G)
little faith follow me by ilfirin_estel (Dean/Castiel; PG-13)
Winding Down the Days by melanieathene (Dean/Castiel; R)
I Hear You Loud and Clear by tamabonotchi (Dean/Castiel; PG-13)
My Love Affair With Water by last_winterrose (Dean/Castiel; NC-17)
A Minor Sun 19-20/? by jozette (Dean/Castiel; Mature)
Oh, You're Abominable Socially by bubblegumhunny (Sam/Castiel; NC-17)

Fanfic: Gen
Dust Devils 21/21 by sharlot1926 (R)
Films About Ghosts by bellatemple (R)
Man of Constant Sorrow by mobiusklein (PG)

Fanfic: Het
The Art of Deception by violettestars (Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC; R)

Fanfic: Other
to have written the truth in a lightning flash by tigriswolf (Avengers crossover; PG)
A Prayer For Fire by twoskeletons (Castiel/Anna, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Dean, Dean/Ruby; R)

Fanfic: RPF
Life After You by aidalma (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)
Love is a Funny Thing by dugindeep and tebtosca (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)
Make Me Shiver by jjia912 (Jared/Jensen; NC-17)

Vid + Ficlet Rec/a> at spnroundtable
Sam/Dean Porn at crack_impala
Fic Rec by ou_peachus
Gen Rec at crack_impala
Gen/Friendship/Pre-Slash Rec at rec_hymenated

Mystery Spot Icons by mad_server

Fic Art: Films About Ghosts by sophiap
Dean Winchester's Three D's: Damn, Djinn Dens by ryudaaku (Dean/Castiel; PG)
Dean/Castiel Picspam by crackers4jenn
Misc Art by angstpuppy
Human Mates by mangacrack (Gabriel/Sam, Lucifer/Sam)
Fic Art: The Art of Deception by embroiderama
Fic Art: Love Is A Funny Thing by ldyghst (Jared/Jensen)
Fic Art: A Prayer For Fire by reliand

Podfic: Keeping Faith by zoemathemata read by iamala (Dean/Castiel)

On the Dark Side by strgazr04
Luminous by chibiariane

Comm Summary July 1 at all_spn
Author Check In at deancasbigbang
Theme: Spells, Incantations, Symbols, and Rituals at all_spn
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